Soul Sacrifice – How to Defeat Magusar

Soul Sacrifice

So after making a number of hard choices and experiencing some serious hardship, you’re at the final battle against Magusar. With so much on the line, this is certainly not an easy fight, though that doesn’t mean it’s a hard fight either. That is, if you have the right strategy. Below is a quick guide to defeating Magusar, though be warned that there might be some spoilers if you haven’t completed all of the previous story stages.

When Should You Engage Him?

I didn’t try to defeat Magusar till I was level 53 or so and even then it was a pretty difficult fight. Not because he’s impossible to defeat, but because of offering limitations. Since that’s such an important part of winning this fight, here’s a general idea of what you’ll need.


  • 1x Blood Magic (your choice)
  • 4x Healing Seed (the higher the better)
  • 1x Weapon Magic (your choice)


  • 1x Healing Seed (the higher the better)
  • 4x Throw magic, I advise something with 25 attack and 13 casts or better.
  • 1x Weapon Magic (your choice)

When you can meet these conditions, select fight Magusar and sacrifice the Librom. This will start a series of cutscenes that will lead to the final battle against Magusar.


Form 1:

Despite being the final boss, Magusar himself is actually pretty unimpressive. The main idea here is to break his shield with the blood or throw magic and then use the weapon magic to hurt him while casting. Divine users might want to substitute the weapon for another healing or blood item, though that’s 100% up to you. After he’s done casting, 3 flame golems will spawn, which also have the ability to shoot a homing attack. To prevent taking damage / needlessly dying, run far away from them and wait it out. As you wait Magusar will try to hit you with a lightning attack, though it’s easily avoidable if you look for glowing circles on the floor. Rinse and repeat till you defeat Magusar, though make sure you have full life before defeating him.

Form 2:

After defeating Magusar he will turn into a giant dragon, who you now need to defeat. You will start this fight with your offerings being maxed, so that’s why it’s so important to have full life before starting, since that will save you a cast or two. Now this part is going to sound really weird, but start directly in front of the dragon and just let him have it. If done correctly, he shouldn’t be able to hit you as there’s a small break in his flames at that spot. Also if you’re really lucky, it might result in his canceling out his tornado attack a few times (as it did with me). Every now and then he will fly off, though this is nothing to worry about. Every other time he will summon some traps, which you can obviously just avoid. This should be enough to win, though if you run out of throw / blood magic, it might be time to hope for the best with melee. I strongly suggest using minds eye (down on the D-Pad) to see how much life he has, since that will give you an idea of how many risks you can take. Not a whole lot else to this boss, though attacking his legs enough times will knock him over. Not the best course of action, but does wonders if you’re desperate to win. Finally for those unable to win this fight, just continue to play the game normally. I randomly unlocked a few sigil’s, which dealt with dragons, so that might be the push you need.

The Final Choice


If you decide to save Magusar, you’ll unlock the “bad” ending and a new blood magic called Sanguine Angelshot. It has 15 power and of course has unlimited casts.


If you decide to sacrifice Magusar, you’ll unlock the “good” ending and a new blood magic called Sanguine Demonshot. This item has 80 power and the usual unlimited casts.

It really doesn’t matter which path you choose, since the fight can be repeated an unlimited number of times, so you might as well do them both. They also should make you aware of the existence of a few sigil’s, which might help you complete some of the later pacts.