Another classic 151 given Mega Evolution in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

The news just keeps on coming this week for the upcoming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. At the Pokemon World Championships in Vancouver, a classic 151 Pokemon was announced as getting a new Mega Evolution. That Pokemon, who was never given an evolution in the past, is Kangaskhan.

The most unique part of this Mega Evolution is that it doesn’t change the form of Kangaskhan immensely like the others do, but it instead changes the child inside the pouch. The child grows in size and now fights along side the adult Kangaskhan outside of the pouch. Due to this form, they unlock a new ability known as Parental Bond, which allows both of them to attack each turn.

Another piece of news on Mega Evolutions comes from the official Japanese site, which says that you can only have one Mega Evolution Pokemon in battle. The question is whether this means you can only have one actually transform to this form per Pokemon battle or only have one holding an item that allows for Mega Evolution on your team at any one time.

Alongside Mewtwo, Kangaskhan is now the second Pokemon from the original 151 to be given a Mega Evolution. There is no indication on how many Mega Evolutions will be given total, but with the total number of Pokemon, there are sure to be some disappointed fans when their favorite isn’t given one. Who would you most like to see given a Mega form in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y? Feel free to leave a comment on who you would like to see.

Check out the announcement with footage of Mega Kangaskhan in action in the video below:

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  1. @PikaGuard13, My choice would be Mega Gallade, so we would clearly make a fantastic team.

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