Metro: Last Light – Faction Pack DLC Review

Metro Last Light Faction Pack DLC -01

The reaction of Metro: Last Light’s ending was mixed; some were pleased while others were disappointed. For those who enjoyed and were satisfied with the ending and are looking for more enthralling adventures within the Metro, 4A Games has planned to release four downloadable content that further expands the story within Last Light. Sure, Artyom might not be the star in the planned DLC but the lore of the game has a lot of interesting factions and characters that can continue it. The first of the four DLC that 4A Games released for Metro: Last Light is the Faction Pack DLC where it includes three mini-campaigns. The main question is, is it comparable to the game’s main campaign?

Let’s take a look at what’s HOT and what’s NOT in our review of Metro: Last Light – Faction Pack DLC.


Three Mini-Campaigns
The campaign of Metro: Last Light is one of the best I’ve played – it managed to have a good and consistent storyline, and a perfect blend of stealth and shooting aspects. Those who are not satisfied with the experience and feel that they need to play more of the game can turn to the Faction Pack DLC. Within the DLC, players will be able to play three different chapters from three different factions. The objective varies from collecting artifacts, defending your position, and sniping. In the three campaigns, player will be able to play as a Red Army Sniper, a Polis Ranger, and one of the Nazi soldiers.

New Weapons and Enemies
In addition to the three mini-campaigns, the Faction DLC will also introduce some new enemies and weapons that can be used. When you get to play as one of the Polis Rangers, you will be tasked to get into the surface and look for certain items. As you do the mission, you will get to see a brand new enemy called the Librarian who will pretty much destroy you if you’re not ready. Aside from new a enemy, there are also new weapons that you get to use like a Gatling Gun, a powerful sniper rifle and a grenade launcher.

Metro: Last Light Faction Pack DLC 02


Not All of the Three Campaigns are Interesting
In the three mini-campaigns introduced in the DLC, I must say that the Polis ranger mission was one of the best. You are playing as Pois Ranger and are tasked to go into the surface and retrieve artifacts that you can exchange for bullets. The artifacts that you find on the surface will be preserved for future generations to see. From all the three mini-campaigns, this is the one that lives up to the Metro-style. When you are in the surface, you will do what you get to do in the main mission; that’s surviving the radiation, monsters, and pretty much staying alive as you collect the artifacts. In this mission, the enemies that you get to fight varies as you progress. When you think you have enough artifacts, you can go back and turn the artifacts in for bullets.

The other two mini-campaigns are boring. One of the worst mini-campaigns in this DLC is the mission where you have to shoot down what seems to be an endless wave of enemies. Sure, the effects and the action are there but you will quickly get bored with it. There are several waves that you have to survive and after a long fifteen to twenty minutes, the mission will end. The only good thing about the Reich mission is that you will have an ability to use the new type of gatling gun, sniper rifle and grenade launcher.