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One of the new IPs that piqued a lot of gamers’ interest this generation was Dontnod Entertainment’s Remember Me. The trailers and screenshots that have shown over the months prior to its release and it showed a lot promise. With the idea of combining stealth, platforming, and puzzle solving, many can’t help but get excited for it. Attempting to invigorate the appeal of sci-fi games with Remember Me, did the game successfully do what it needs to be done to please gamers?

Let’s take a look at what’s HOT and what’s NOT in our review of Remember Me:


A Nice Paced Storyline and Setting
The story of Remember Me revolves around a memory hunter named Nilin who finds herself in prison. With her memory taken away by some sort of an evil corporation called Memorize that takes away memories, Nilin must find a way to take it back and find out the reason why her memory was taken. Luckily, a group named Errorist that is opposed to Memorize will free Nilin and help her escape.M Set in the not so distant future of cacotopia Paris, Remember Me’s attempt to show a sci-fi setting works pretty well in the game. The characters and the story told in the game are quite intriguing especially the kind of powers that Nilin gets to combat her enemies. In terms of its environment, you will see all sorts of beautiful locales; from the slums through the high towers of Neo-Paris. The textures is quite solid even on the consoles.

In the nine episodes that you will have to go through in Remember Me, all of these moments will be an interesting one. Every episode has their own climatic end wanting you to play more just to find out what happened. The premise of the game’s story will hook you right away. With Nilin and the bunch of Errorist that helps reach her goal, you’ll learn how to love each of them. Each has their own personality that makes the storytelling more interesting. As for its voice overs, they are believable and Dontnod did a pretty good job on the overall storyline.

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Combat System
Taking the ideas from the Batman Arkham series’ combat system, Remember Me’s own version of it is phenomenal. Instead of simply mashing buttons to do combos, players will do some sort of pattern to deliver successful attacks. Depending on Nilin’s level, she will unlock a series of combo slots where she can put in a ‘Pressens’, a part of Nilin’s forgotten combat skill that she can re-learn by gaining some sort of experience points as she fights enemies. Through the many Pressens that you can unlock, many combos can be mixed and each of those Pressens have their own powers. Action wise, Remember Me delivers it and improves the battle system we all fell in love with in Batman: Arkham City.

Memory Remix
As a memory hunter, Nilin have a cool power where she go into someone’s mind and re-live that memory. In addition, while at someone’s memory, she can change what actually happens where it will ultimately affects the future. An example of this is during the prologue chapter, some assassin attempts to kill Nilin and with her doing a memory remix where she actually goes into the memory and change what happens, the end results is that the assassin becomes a friend due to the changes she did. Playing with memory remix is one of the game’s strengths.


Linear and Boring Platforming
One of things that you will do for the most part in the game is platforming. Jumping from one building to another is what Nilin is going to do as she completes her mission. While the sights in Neo Paris and its locales are visually pleasing, the linearity and its boring platforming will drag the game down. For the most part, you will be jumping from one ledge to the next and sadly, there is no variety that you can see in terms of platforming. The obstacles that she encounters are simplistic and with no free exploration, adventuring through Neo Paris can be quite boring.

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  1. Yeah I can agree with this review, aside from the bland enemies bit. I thought they were pretty interesting like those enemies that hurt you every time you hit them. The problem was that there were just too few.

    I liked the game a lot, but I agree that they could have thought things out a bit more like adding in more pressens or some such.

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