Dollar Dash Review

Dollar Dash is the brand new indie action title from developer Candygun Games and publisher Kalypso Media Digital. It comes with the straightforward tagline of “Find it, rob it, and keep it.” The game is based around grabbing as much cash as possible, during rounds of top down multiplayer mayhem. Is Dollar Dash worth price or should you run far from this title?

Let’s find out and kick off the HOTs and NOTs.


Simple Pleasant Presentation
The visuals can be best described as a slightly old-school cartoony and colourful style. It not only fits the game perfectly, but it truly enhances the comic and enjoyable nature of the title. The almost top down view allows players a great view angle of the maps, meaning no objects obscure the action. The characters themselves are over-the-top styled robbers each with a bright colour allowing players to easily follow their character during the hectic matches. Everything seems to fit well into the presentation and style with nothing standing out to break its simple but effective nature. The game’s sounds and music accompany the visuals to treat gamers to an overall enjoyable presentation.

Comical Weapons
Have you ever wanted to run away from a boulder like in Indiana Jones, only to stop it with a jelly force field? I’m sure the thought hasn’t crossed many peoples’ minds. It is just one of the odd, unusual but strangely amusing things that could and has happened in Dollar Dash. Featuring over 20 weapons and power ups, ranging from plungers and fireworks to bear traps and attack birds, they all manage to fit seamlessly into the games style as well as adding unique gameplay moments.

The weapons are broken down into two sections which players can have only one of each at one time. The primary weapons are items the player can throw to damage players’ health and cause them to drop cash, drop the safe or lose points when downed, depending on the game type. Secondary weapons are those that players must drop and can be harder to use but are extremely effective when timings are mastered. Lastly, players are allowed one power up to be saved at one time. The first time a player uses the invisibility power the consequences can certainly be fun to watch. Overall, there is a great range of weapons which go alongside Dollar Dash’s presentation and thoroughly enhance it.

Level Design
Each map has its own unique look and feel to it. Not only does this make the game more interesting but it also improves the replayability of the title. Some maps have distinctive events that randomly occur during matches. On the Museum map, players get spotted and shot at by guards and on Crossroads a trick will at random drive across the map running players over, stunning them and causing them to drop any collected cash. Other maps also have water based traps where falling off platforms, some which crumble away underfoot, will lose players collected cash and potentially valuable time.

The game has three simple modes Safe the Safe, Hit ‘n’ Run and Dollar Dash. They give enough variation to the gameplay to extend the replayability of the title. Safe the Safe is a capture and hold style game, where running around with the safe on your back will earn you cash. Hit ‘n’ Run is simply a free for all deathmatch. Dollar Dash sees players fighting for spawned cash before having to deposit it in a getaway vehicle. All result in short and hectic matches with players frantically rushing to get as much cash as they can. This hectic style of gameplay means the game is great to pick up and play even for only a couple of matches at a time.

Simple Controls
Whether it is via the keyboard or controller, both are available on the PC version via Steam’s Big Picture feature, the game has simple controls. After only a few minutes of playing the controls are second nature. As they are quick to learn gamers won’t spend time complaining or being frustrated by them. Instead, players can only be frustrated by their own fails or other players being better.