Defiance PS3 Closed Beta Out Today Ahead of Shorter Xbox 360 Beta

Trion Worlds has sent out voucher codes to PS3 players so that they may partake in the closed beta for Defiance. The beta times are as follows for each region:

North America: March 19th 8:00am PDT – March 25th 9:00p, PDT
Europe: March 20th 8:00am PDT – March 26th 9:00p, PDT

The beta carries a hefty download of 6245MB. Assuming you have gained access, whether through luck or a pre-order, be sure you have enough room on your system.

Xbox 360 owners will have to wait until a later date to jump in on the MMO shooter, specifically March 25th. Beginning March 25th at 8:00am PT, Xbox 360 players will be granted entry into Defiance’s online world and be able to play it until March 27th at 8:00am PT. Obviously, this is much shorter than the PS3 beta, but before people start getting angry this is actually an improvement over the original announcement. The Xbox 360 was only going to carry the beta from March 25th to March 26th. This was changed and another day was added, possibly due to fan outcry.

So, there you have it. Let us know what you think of the beta setup in the comment section below.

One thought on “Defiance PS3 Closed Beta Out Today Ahead of Shorter Xbox 360 Beta

  1. yeah about that.. they adjusted the xbox 360 beta dates. its now 22-27. so its not much shorter.

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