New Patch Released For Hitman: Absolution On PC

Eidos announced on their official forum that Himan: Absolution on the PC has received a patch that includes general fixes and tweaks for the game. Check out the patch notes below to see what you can expect from the latest patch.

– Added option to lower or disable Bloom effect
– ‘Change Cover’ action can now be mapped on a separate key.
– Country leaderboards are now in the correct language
– Weapon selector doesn’t appear when point shooting anymore
– Pausing game doesn’t skip cutscenes anymore
– Slightly improved general performance
– Performance improvements for MSAA and HBAO
– Fixed King of Chinatown behavior
– Disabled use of all DirectInput devices (as they are unsupported)
– The disguise parameters on ‘Professional’ difficulties have been tweaked.
– Difficulty adjustments
– Displayed high scores are now selected from all difficulty levels.
– Fix for negative scores
– Fixed disappearing user interface on AMD HD 3650

Hitman: Absolution released on November 20 for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.