Target Offering Mysterious $100+ Price Cut on PS Vita

Though this is not an official across the board price cut for the Playstation Vita, Target seems to have decided to begin, at least temporarily, offering the Vita for quite a discounted price.

According to Target’s site, they are currently offering the 3G/WiFi Playstation Vita launch bundle for but a mere $179.99 (excluding shipping/tax of course). This is a savings of quite an incredible $120, and less than a year after the Vita’s North American launch. There is no word on whether this deal is online only, or in-store as well, but going off past sales, it will likely be online only.

Could Target be foreshadowing an official price cut for the future with this deal, or are they just trying to clear out stock of this older bundle? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Either or, this is a great deal, especially with November being the beginning of Playstation Plus offerings for the Vita. On that note, if you are interested in trying to get in on this deal, head over to the Target product listing while there is still stock!

8 thoughts on “Target Offering Mysterious $100+ Price Cut on PS Vita

  1. Pretty clear they have no more faith in the Vita and want to clear their stock. The Vita is going to crash and burn this holiday season.

  2. I just checked Target’s site, all pricing is unchanged. May have been a mistske. We’ve seen that before where PSP system prices are accidentally applied to the Vita.

  3. I don’t believe it was a mistake, but simply the fact that people caught word, ordered, and Target sold what they wanted to. Could by all means be wrong, but people have ordered and had their order fulfilled, whereas a pricing mistake usually warrants cancellation.

  4. I’m conflicted. I want portable gaming to thrive because I hate playing on a touchscreen or crappy phone keypad, but buying another $200~ish device that I have to carry around and charge is not a great fit, lifestyle-wise.

  5. I love my vita. The deal is most likely to clear out old bundles, since they will be carrying the Ac liberation bundles nov 30th. To be honest, i haven’t regretted buying a vita, and even if i don’t game on it, i use it every day. It’s my Ipod at work for music, and my internet browser for reading in the bathroom :). New Little Kings Story, Gravity Rush, Dynasty Warriors, and Hot Shots golf were all very fun, and I’m very excited for ragnarok if hurrican killjoy doesn’t delay the shipment.

  6. I bought a Vita for $179.99 on the 28th.. I saw the deal on dealnews and they immediatelty took it off deal news so I called Target and they said they will start price matching online prices November 1st and her manager approved the price match since I printed the link from Targets website showing the $179.99 price. I went home and it was back to $299.99 :)

  7. I thought this deal was supposed to last for like a week. That’s bullshit if the deal is over after like 2 days.

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