E3 2012: Ragnarok Odyssey Impression

If there is one genre missing on the Vita, then it would be the RPG. With Disgaea 3 being the only choice at the moment, many fans are looking for something else. This is where Ragnarok Odyssey comes into play. With links to popular PC game, action RPG gameplay and online multiplayer, it is looking to be the must for RPG fans.

While Ragnarok Odyssey sounds good on paper, it looks even better in practice. From the brief demo XSeed showed me, it really looked like a must for RPG fans. One of the biggest draws is the ability to play as more than one class. By simply heading home you can freely select any of the classes you wish to play as, which will not affect your level. However you will have a lower class level, but this mostly affects what attacks you can use. However this is not the greatest feature for fans.

Easily one of the most noteworthy features, is the pocket system. As you might have guessed, pockets hold things, but to be precise they hold stat boosts. While these are important bonuses, armor doesn’t actually add anything to your character, so you’re free to wear whatever you please. This means through the pocket system, you can make your naked body the best armor in the game if you so desire. Naturally this leads to a lot more freedom, plus some fun messing with people online.

The combat in Ragnarok looks to be quite thrilling. As mentioned earlier, it is an action RPG, so you can expect a lot of running / slashing to occur. As you continue to slay monsters, you can activate a rage mode, which will slowly eat your life in exchange for a boost. This might sound like a risky gamble, but damaging monsters in this mode will also give you life too. However you want to make sure you use it wisely as you can lose a lot of health or waste your range meter.

Not much else shown sadly, but Ragnarok has a mission system similar to Monster Hunter.  Additionally XSeed said that they planned on including all the Japanese DLC for free, unless it’s something large like missions / new bosses, but at the moment has no intention of charging for DLC. This isn’t too surprising as all the Japanese DLC is currently free, though it will offer you new things to do over the games lifespan. Finally no word was given on the release date, though its still planned for sometime this Summer. If you’re looking for a fantastic Vita game, then I strongly suggest keeping an eye on this title.