E3 2012: Pikmin 3 Announced for the Wii-U

One of the games to grace the Nintendo Wii-U when it launches this year is third title in the Pikmin series.

It’s been years since the last Pikmin game was released. With the Nintendo Wii-U handling the new Pikmin game, players can make use of the Wii Gamepad where the small screen will act as a map screen. From there, gamers can navigate through the game in the gamepad and guide the Pikmin to their objective.

Based on the gameplay demo that Nintendo released, Pikmin 3 will offer a lot of new things such as a Rock Pikmin where gamers can create a rock wall. Check back with us later for more Pikmin 3 information as we explore E3 this week.

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  1. Very excited to see more. Loved pikmin, and have been waiting a while for pikmin 3.

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