Battlefield 3 Premium Service Detailed

Activision has been doing well with Call of Duty Elite and, not to long after the paid service debuted, rumors arose regarding EA’s implementation of such a subscription service for Battlefield 3. Now, it seems Sony has jumped the gun and revealed the existence of the Premium service ahead of its (supposedly) E3 reveal.

The PSN Store updated without anything special in the US, but the same can not be said for other parts of the world. The EU store update contained the following item:

Battlefield 3 - Premium (Monday June 4th release)(£39.99, €49.99, AU$79.95)

Even more details made there way out through a leaked fact sheet. Below you can see all of the exclusive Premium perks (exclusive skins, early access, unique knife, new features, etc) that you gain access to through the one-time payment:

2 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 Premium Service Detailed

  1. Call of Battle, Modern Field 3

    its all a lame console mentality money grab. Its no longer about the game, the franchise, or the gamers.. its all “gimme you money and take what we give you” now.


    so sad.

    They REALLY should fix the issues in the game first, before any big money grab.

  2. It’s sickening to see the fanboy wars between COD, and BF when they always prove to both be far too similar. No savior from the mainstream and overused generic military shooters here. Just a different money grabbing company, and a game that is slightly more tactical.

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