SoulCalibur V Trophy / Achievement Guide

Unlike most trophies, it seems like fighting games are far too difficult for the average gamer. Most of the time huge amounts of skill are required, but sadly said skills are lacking. SoulCalibur V isn’t much better, but this guide will help you with some of the tasks. Keep in mind that the AI is brutal with or without these tips and you may even need to do another method all together.

Editor Note: This guide is written assuming you’re using a PS3 and using default controls. Xbox users should simply substitute the words to use it. Additionally all directions are written in terms of numbers. If you’re unsure what it’s saying please check the board below.

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History Repeats

Battled in SOULCALIBUR V for the first time (excluding training and VS battle).

Battle someone in something.

A Soul Coalesces

Edited a player license.

On the main menu if you push start it will bring up the license options. Simply edit your title and picture for the trophy.

Beginning of Destiny

Registered 3 rivals.

After a match you can add someone or you can simply look at random people on the leaderboard. Keep adding random people to get the trophy.

Proof of a Fighter

Won consecutive matches on Playstation Network.

This trophy unlocked on my second win so it’s very doable. You will most likely get this naturally, but it can also be freely boosted in player matches.

Mercenary of War

Fought 30 times on Playstation Network.

Simply fight 30 times.

Carry Out Your Beliefs

Won 5 times in one style on Playstation Network.

I believe this has to be done with the same character, but there’s a  10 wins as Ezio trophy you need. You should get this while doing that trophy.

Synchronize DNA

Used Ezio in a player match.

Use Ezio in a player match.

Awakened to Violence

Reached E4 rank in ranked match.

E4 rank is simply one level and will come even if you lose every match you fight. See “First Step of a Legend” for more ranked information.

Reason to Fight For

Reached E1 rank in ranked match.

Rank E1 is the last E rank and is also the last rank you gain points for losing. Regardless of performance you can earn this trophy without trying. See “First Step of a Legend” for more ranked information.

Sings Own Praise

Uploaded a reply of your win.

Go to the replay area and find a suitable video. Make sure in this video you’re the winner or it won’t unlock. Once you find the video, save it to your system then upload it. The trophy should ding shortly after.

Notes on Rivals

Played backed another player’s replay.

Select someone at random, and then download their replay. The trophy should ding a second after you start it.

Path to Glory

Quick Battle: defeated 50 warriors.

This is somewhat misleading. To get the trophy you must earn 50 different titles, not simply win 50 matches. For more information see “Sudden Temptation”.

Road to the Duel

Quick Battle: defeated 150 warriors.

This is somewhat misleading. To get the trophy you must earn 150 different titles, not simply win 50 matches. For more information see “Sudden Temptation”.

Perfect Trainee

Arcade: clear Asia route.

In arcade you can elect to fight certain regions. Select Asia and beat all six arcade stages.

Purge of the Holy

Story: cleared episode 1.

This is the first fight and is extremely easy to win.

Shields Come Together

Story: cleared episode 8.

Clear episode 8 in story. Much like most of story it’s fairly easy.

Masked Another’s Memory

Arcade: Cleared a ranking route with a record better than your rival.

For this you must first find a rival. I strongly suggest looking for someone with a bad run or getting on another account and allow them to do poorly. After this make sure you’re on the ranking route. I only got this trophy when I played that one route. Beat the game in less time than your rival for the trophy.

Usurped True Name

Quick Battle: won against 10 players with titles and used the obtained title on the player license.

Okay could this trophy sound more confusing? Basically Quick Battle has 240 fighters with unique titles. After you win a bout you’re awarded that persons title. Do this for 9 more fighters and add the last title to your license.

Pursuit of Obsession

Quick Battle: defeated Harada TEKKEN.

Contrary to what you might believe, but Harada is not the hardest fight. However he’s among the hardest to beat legitimately.  This being said a number of users found cheap methods to beat him, but it’s all about preference. I personally just used Patroklos and simply pushed 3 + circle (yes circle) till he got knocked out. Please note I found that this method didn’t really work on any other fighter.

If you’re having problems finding him simply mimic the information pictured below.

Passionate Artist

Creation: created a character with full-on cooridination (used everything except for height).

Simply go down every setting and add something. Some items will block out others so keep this in mind. After you save the trophy will pop.

Colorful Illusion

Creation: took a thumbnail by manually setting a decoration frame and background.

Go down the thumbnail settings list and use everything. Take a picture, then wait for the trophy.

Fetal Soul

Player level reached 5.

This should happen in around 20 matches.

Throbbing Soul

Player level reached 50.

Keep playing and trying. Sooner or later it will ring, but it will most likely take 20+ hours.

Stalwart Barbarian

Performed a wall hit 50 times.

Unlike a lot of these trophies it will happen naturally. However if you want to fast track it find a friend and select Aeon. Have your friend stand near a wall, then push 6 + circle. This should kick your friend into the wall. You can do roughly three a fight.

Adored by Heaven

Performed 20 grapple breaks.

This will most likely happen by accident, or you can boost it with a friend. Simply have them grab you, then push grab yourself. If you do this fast enough it should break.

Like a Flowing Stream

Successfully performed a just guard 5 times.

A just guard is when you guard at the exact right second. However I found pushing X randomly as someone attacks works almost as well as skill.

Momentary Pleasure

Successfully performed an impact 100 times.

An impact is a bit confusing, but it’s basically a parry. The game will declare doing the move as a “guard impact”, but you need to actually reflect the attack to have it count. To perform one you can push 4 + R2 or certain characters have unique ones. I found the best method to achieve this is by using Nightmare. His critical edge doubles as an impact, but unlike the normal impact any attack will trigger it.

Black Sword of Death

K.O. with critical edge 30 times.

Every character has a critical edge performed by pushing 236236 + Triangle. However everyone hits theirs a little bit different. I strongly suggest you find the best one for you, though it’s completely based off skill or luck. Additionally you can boost this with a friend.

Hands of the Abyss

Won by ring our 50 times.

This can be tricky and might take you hours to perform legitimately. If you’re looking for the quickest method simply find a friend and boost it with them. You can quickly do 50 by pushing them to the edge, followed by pushing Circle. This should know them over the edge 99% of the time.

The best stage for boosting is pictured below.

Parrier of Swords

Perfect won 50 times.

Don’t take damage in a match. I performed nearly 200 of these simply pushing 23 + Triangle as Patroklos.

Wind of Battle

Reached over 87,600 in total movement distance in battle.

Yeah… good luck with this one. If you’re doing anything right it will be your last trophy. Theres no real trick past constantly moving. After nearly 400 fights I had only moved around 5,000 steps.

Alluring Kaleidoscope

Landed brave edge 100 times.

This might take a while, but just pepper them into normal combat and You’ll hit 100 before you know it. However keep in mind that every character has their own brave edges. Some share the same commands, but it’s all about what you can perform. I suggest Patroklos’s 236 + triangle then R2 move. Usually the AI will block the first hit, but fail to block the second.

Gale Forces

K.O. the opponent 25 times with an attack after a quick move.

A quick move is pushing up or down twice very quickly. It will have a slight wind animation to tell you it was performed correctly. During the animation push an attack. Ideally this will connect winning the fight.

Never Ending Effort

Landed an attack 20,000 times.

Keep attacking. Though remember that quick fighters tend to do more attacks.

Footprints of Soldiers

Defeated 100 male characters.

Beat 100 male characters.

Give in to Temptation

Defeated 100 female characters.

This will take longer than Footprints, but you can always boost it with a friend.

Fancy of a Mad King

Guard bursted 30 times.

Guard bursting is fairly annoying. Basically your opponent has to keep blocking till you see a flashing yellow light around their health. This will mean they’re close to breaking, but you must KEEP it up or will go away. After it turns yellow it will go red. Keep attacking till they finally break.

Warning Status:


Lively Pub

Changed the BGM in options.

Change the BGM in options.


Strategist of War

Fought 75 times on Playstation Network.

Simply fight 75 times.

Hero Carved in History

Fought 100 times on Playstation Network.

Simply fight 100 times.

Courageous Warrior

Won 20 times on Playstation Network.

Find someone you’re good with and keep trying. These can also be boosted in player matches.

First Step of Legend

Reached D1 rank in ranked match.

Ranked is extremely annoying in Soulcalibur V. To officially win you must best your opponent in three rounds. If you don’t see the problem, it’s simply that you can’t really get lucky in the fight. Additionally your first ten wins should be done as Ezio for that trophy.

Unlike E rank you will lose points for every loss, but you start off with 200 points. Don’t get too excited because you also need 1,000 to level. As you progress the sum will start at -10 and will continue to rise by 2 points per level. Additionally the more you use one fighter the less points you seem to gain.

Finally this is no short task. It took me and my friend 88 matches for us both to achieve D1. I also strongly suggest doing it legit because the game will refuse to match up the same people multiple times. It WILL still do it, but you might be waiting 10 – 20 minutes for a match. If you would still like to try your luck try the method below.

How to Boost it:

This is how we did it, but keep in mind that the more people playing will make this far harder. Once the game loses popularity it will be easier. Anyways start a search and select a region you think no one will be playing. We did Europe as they didn’t have the game yet. From there select same level in addition to opposite sides.

Once you find a match make sure you know your partners title. Try to make it something no one would really use. Their title is the only clue as to whom you’re fighting.

Rinse and repeat this till the trophy unlocks or you get tired of trying. Additionally remember that time of day, region, or level will all come into play. These can make matching easier/harder to perform.
Sudden Temptation

Quick Battle: defeated all warriors.

Welcome to one of the, if not the hardest trophies in the game. The real issue is that you need honest skill to win most of the later fights. There is most likely a trick for every fight, though I don’t have them all. For most fights I found Patroklos to be the best. His 3 + Triangle is enough to take out most enemies alone. Sprinkle in some grabbing and you JUST might win 200 fights. You can also save some time by changing how you search. White names are defeated fighters and green are new fighters.

To do this effectively I strongly suggest messing with the search. It will make this go by quicker, but not by much. The only other helpful hint I can give you is that rank =/= difficulty. I fought some B fighters that were worse than D rank fighters and D ranked fighters harder than most C – B fighters. Finally remember that the higher the horizontal movement, the more annoying the fight will be.

Resurrection of Order

Story: cleared episode 16.

At this point the story might be difficult, but you can lower the difficulty if you’re having problems.

War Veteran

Arcade: cleared any route with difficulty set to hard.

Unlike most fighting games there’s not really a trick to this mode. I did it under standard, but I believe Europe is the easiest to win. A method that worked fairly well for me was using Patroklos and grabbing your foe. After they’re on the ground use 3 + triangle once, then try to grab them again. Also remember that this attack can be chained with his critical edge if you get them off the ground.


Ranked Match: won 10 times with Ezio.

Do this for your first 10 matches or expect tons of problems. Beyond this you’re on your own because you simply can’t predict your opponent’s skill, character, style or attitude.

Skills for Duels

Legendary Souls: won with brave edge.

This might be the only task to rival “Sudden Temptation”, but it is certainly more doable. To achieve the trophy you must win two rounds, and then finish the third with brave edge. Anything that goes wrong will put you back on square one. This is what makes the task so hard.

I found that using Patroklos’s 23 + Triangle tactfully on fight one would usually connect. Additionally if you use R1 skill will usually get blocked, but this will bring him closer to breaking. If you can continue this with well-placed grabs will win the fight. The only issue is actually performing the brave edge.

Roughly 33% of the time Patroklos’s 236 + Triangle would connect. If you push R2 right after the triangle you would use your brave edge, but keep in mind you need at least a third of a bar filled to use. If you’re having problems try other fighters, but this is going to be very stressful if you lack skills.

Soul Fulfilled

Player level reached maximum.

People say this is level 99, but it’s going to be a long road. I had well over 300 fights before I was level 40, so expect around 1,000 fights minimal.


Conqueror of the Arena

Won 50 times on Playstation Network.

Find someone you’re good with and keep trying. These can also be boosted in player matches.

Home is Faraway

Story: cleared final episode.

This is for clearing episode 20 and is fairly easy. If you’re having problems simply lower the difficulty.


Unwritten History

Obtained all trophies.

Simply do every task.

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