Kid Icarus Gets Amazon Pre-Order Bonus

Kid Icarus Uprising, the upcoming 3DS title of which I’m almost 100% positive that the above picture is a screenshot of, will be coming out on March 23, but if you pre-order from Amazon, you get an entire extra game.

Included will be the download code for 3D Classics: Kid Icarus, the original Kid Icarus game, of which I’m 99% positive the above screenshot is not a picture of, rendered in new 3D graphics.

Will this be enough for Amazon to get the game to you instead of a physical retailer? Or will it take a little more buttering up before you pitch the cash to a online store?

One thought on “Kid Icarus Gets Amazon Pre-Order Bonus

  1. You could still get it if you pre-ordered it anywhere in the US. Although personally it would have been better if NOA handled it similar to what NOE and NOJ did

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