Will Your PlayStation Vita Need A Screen Protector?

Back when the PlayStation Portable was released, a lot of gamers that owned the handheld were annoyed as to how fast the screen got scratched easily. With the upcoming release of the PlayStation Vita, will gamers have to worry about the screen getting too much scratches?

PlayStation Vita is an expensive investment as it costs around $249.99 – $299.99, depending on what SKU you buy at launch. That being said, everyone knows at first, you’ll treat the handheld like a baby where you will not let a single scratch on it. Knowing that the Vita has a touch screen, the handheld’s screen is prone to a lot of activity like touching and swiping back and forth. Does that mean the screen will get scratched easily?

From the few tests that we did on the Vita, I’m confident to say that the screen is as sturdy as the ones found on the iPad. Unlike the plastic screen found on the PSP, the Vita has a sturdy-looking glass touch screen that is not prone to scratches. The only time that the screen will get a scratch is when it gets scratched by a key or a sharp pointy object. Now you wouldn’t do that to a $249.99 item would you?

Well, for those gamers that are paranoid of their Vita’s getting scratches when they pick it up early February in North America and Europe, I suggest to pick a screen protector up. Otherwise, if you know that you will not be stabbing sharp objects onto it, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting a screen protector for it.