Is the Official Zelda Timeline No Longer a Secret?

For a while Nintendo has stated that The Legend of Zelda series has an official timeline. This has lead to years of gamers collecting clues to tabulate where each event falls. Some of the elements were shared between many gamers like Ocarina of Time having a split, Skyward Sword being among/the first and many other things.

With the release of the 25th Anniversary Zelda book many thing’s are finding their way to the internet. Among them is a listing of the games order. Take it with a grain of salt as mistranslated or Nintendo denying it’s the actual list, but for now it might give you some closure.

It would seem that the order goes like this.

Original Timeline

  • Skyward Sword
  • Minish Cap
  • Four Swords
  • Ocarina of Time

Failing to Defeat Ganon

  • A Link to the Past
  • Oracles Series
  • Link’s Awakening
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • The Legend of Zelda II


Defeat’s Ganon and Returns to the Past

  • Majora’s Mask
  • Twilight Princess
  • Four Swords Adventures

Defeat’s Ganon, but Stays in the Future

  • Windwaker
  • Phantom Hourglass
  • Spirit Tracks
So do you agree with this or do you think Nintendo is messing with us?
[Source:  Kotaku, BBS2]

8 thoughts on “Is the Official Zelda Timeline No Longer a Secret?

  1. I think its just crazy. Having three timelines…it makes no sense. Nintendo would have to retake a lot of their claims about timeline order. Like they said that FSA was a DIRECT sequel to FS. Now it seems like theres three games between them. I dont know if its a prank, some bad translating, or just plain bullshit. I hope this isnt true

  2. I call bulls**t. I think that this is Nintendo’s way of trying to shut the fans up using confusing and absolutely senseless antics. (Honestly, think about it. If there’s a timeline for Link’s death in Ocarina of Time, and that has its own timeline, SURELY there’s a split timeline for every OTHER death in every OTHER Zelda game in which LInk fails to accomplish his task.) I barely believed that there were only two timelines to begin with. Like HELL I’m gonna recognize a third!

  3. The failure timeline is kinda ridiculous. And wasn’t the backstory of LttP about Ganon being sealed away? So if Link didn’t beat him, then why the hell was he sealed away? And FSA should really be coming earlier. Seriously, guys.

  4. This is legit; its been confirmed by the special release book called “Hyrule Historia” that was recently released in Japan.

    The timeline supports the ever so popular split time line theory of Ocarina of time, but simply suggests that a third parallel universe, events occur when Link fails to defeat Ganon in Ocarina of time.

    A Link To The Past’s story talks about how Link’s encounter with the sages and traveling to the light and dark worlds to fulfill his quest. He doesn’t actually kill Ganon in A Link To The Past, therefore explaining why he exists in Legend of Zelda and Zelda II. Link didn’t wish to kill Ganon, he wished to undo all of Ganon’s evil and sealed Ganon away with the Silver Arrow.

    A lot of people have already agreed with Majora’s Mask happening right after Ocarina of Time upon being sent back to the past by Zelda. However, something that a LOT of people dont realize is that Four Swords Adventures CANNOT come right after Four Swords, because Ganon isn’t in Four Swords…Ganon comes back in Ocarina of Time. Not to mention, Ganon WAS NOT MURDERED in Twilight Princess. He was tried, found guilty, and there was an attempted execution, but the Triforce of Power allowed Ganon to survive. That explains why it makes sense for Ganon to live on and for him to exist in Four Swords Adventures.

    Meh. This one was common knowledge.

  5. Are you sure nothing in canon suggests the hero being ‘defeated’ is an option? Since this is the canon timeline sanctioned by nintendo itself, there must be a reason. So how about this argument: The sacred realm, meaning the chamber of the sages exists outside of time right? So when Link entered the chamber of the sages, he exited time itself. Meaning time continued onward without him (the ‘link deafeated’ timeline). But when he returned to 7 years into Ganon’s reign he created the split between timeline A and B/C. Makes perfect sense.

  6. To those asking why there aren’t other timelines for Link failing in games: there are. If there are 3 timelines, there’s most likely quantum physics in play which means for every decision you make, there is an alternate timeline for the one you didn’t make.

    These three timelines are all that matters significantly to the story and legend of Zelda as well as Hyrule.

  7. the link not defeating ganon timeline makes sense. link is sent to the future but comes back to the past to get the song of storms, eye of truth and to beat the spirit temple and when he goes back its not the same future he was in the first time. but the first future still exist and link never came back to that future because he changed it

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