Sonic Generations Trophy & Achievement Guide

One bad thing about trophy/achievements is how something easy can seem hard and vice versa. While Sonic Generations sounds very difficult, it’s actually fairly simple. Some of the trophies can be fairly confusing, but luckily we have plenty of videos to help you out!
Note: All hidden trophies are listed, but none of them contained story spoilers or anything important.



The Opening Act
Race Through the first stage.
Strategy: Story can’t be missed.

GREEN HILL Restored!
Restore the GREEN HILL Stage Gate.
Strategy: Story can’t be missed.

Restore the CHEMICAL PLANT Stage Gate.
Strategy: Story can’t be missed.

Restore the SKY SANCTUARY Stage Gate.
Strategy: Story can’t be missed.

Restore the SPEED HIGHWAY Stage Gate.
Strategy: Story can’t be missed.

Restored the CITY ESCAPE Stage Gate.
Strategy: Story can’t be missed.

Restore the SEASIDE HILL Stage Gate.
Strategy: Story can’t be missed.

Restore the CRISIS CITY Stage Gate.
Strategy: Story can’t be missed.

Restore the ROOFTOP RUN Stage Gate.
Strategy: Story can’t be missed.

Restore the PLANET WISP Stage Gate.
Strategy: Story can’t be missed.

Sunny Side Up
Defeat Death Egg Robot.
Strategy: Story can’t be missed.

Perfect Punisher
Defeat Perfect Chaos.
Strategy: Story can’t be missed.

Boom Boom Dragoon
Defeat Egg Dragoon.
Strategy: Story can’t be missed.

Scrap Metal
Defeat Metal Sonic.
Strategy: Story can’t be missed.

Shadow Boxing
Defeat Shadow.
Strategy: Story can’t be missed.

Silver Got Served
Defeat Silver.
Strategy: Story can’t be missed.

Treasure Hunter
Collect all the Chaos Emeralds.
Strategy: Story can’t be missed.

Greased Lightning
Clear GREEN HILL Act 1 within one minute.
Strategy: This will take some trial and error, though its completely doable.

After a jump checkpoint, you will see two paths. Missing the top one will result in failure. Continue down this path till you get back on the main path.

This is where it can get confusing. Go against better judgement and go below. Jump on the platform, but spinball off it. Spinball through the rock till you get to the end. Ideally this will be under 1 minute.

Bright Star
Get S Rank in an Act.
Strategy: See “Big Bang

Shooting Star
Get Rank S in three Act’s.
Strategy: See “Big Bang

Pull off a seven or more combo or six trick combo ending in a finishing trick.
Strategy: This can only be performed in Act 2 and can be done on stage 1. This can also be done on stage 8. I strongly suggest just spamming down on the D Pad. If you’re having problems, see our first ten video. The trophy is performed in the later half.

Defeat 100 Enemies.
Strategy: This will come naturally and before you finish the game.

Ring King
Reach the goal without dropping any of the rings you collected in GREEN HILL Act 1.
Strategy: See “Greased Lightning

Action Hero
Perform all Sonic’s movies in Act 2.
Strategy: This should come naturally at the end of the story. If it doesn’t, make sure you push perform the slide. There are several places to perform it on Stage 1.

Bonds of Friendship
Complete all Challenge Act’s featuring Sonic’s friends.
Strategy: Some challenges will show a characters face, for the icon. These are the friend challenges. Most of these are just spamming the friend’s skill.

Walkie Talkie
Chat with each of Sonics friends you have saved.
Strategy: There are 9 friends total and appear when you clear a zone. Simply talk to each once and you’re set.

Join the Ranks
Join the Rankings.
Strategy: Play a single run online.

A 30-Second Test
Participate in a 30 Second Trial.
Strategy: This is the other online mode. Simply place it once to unlock.

Jump for Joy!
Find the spring hidden in GREEN HILL Act 1 and reach the goal with a red ring.
Strategy: This is one of the red ring locations and is located on the top route. It’s not really missable if you’re up there. If you see some rings above a tree, that’s the spot.

Walk on Water
Clear CHEMICAL PLANT Act 2 without entering the water.
Strategy: There are only a few instances where you need to plan ahead.

This is the first instance of water. It will appear after the final downward slope. Make sure you’re boosting to just walk across the water. I suggest doing this from the moment you hit this point.

After you slide under a door, you will see two paths. One requires you to grind and the other goes to the water. You must take the rail up, but once you’re up there you can’t fall down! Continue down this path till you hit the check point.

This is the aforementioned checkpoint. There is a small robot you can hit and another to avoid the water. Make your way up, but keep in mind the water will keep rising. If you make it past this point you’re home free.

Walk on Air
Clear SKY SANTUARY Act 1 without falling and losing a life.
Strategy: This will come naturally as you’re S ranking stages.

The Byway or the Highway
Get the red star ring located at the shortcut route in SPEED HIGHWAY Act 2 and reach the goal.
Strategy: This is an easy trophy, but sadly it can be very complex.

All paths lead to a part where the police chase you. After they crash into the floor, you will see this secret spot in the parking lot. You must go down this path.

This part makes very little sense. The bottom path looks right, but sends you back on the normal path. The top springs take you to a new area, though it will look exactly like every other area.

Down the road you will come across this part. If you go straight you’re back on the normal path, however if you go up it will lead to the ring. After this part if you keep on this path, you will get the ring.

Demolition Derby
Wreck 30 or more car’s in CITY ESCAPE Act 2.
Strategy: While you’re surfing down the street; simply pick a side. This should get you 30 wrecks come the end of the stage.

Secret Sleuth
Get the red star ring located in the hidden room in SEASIDE HILL Act 1 and reach the goal.
Strategy: Another very tricky trophy, but unlike the others not that annoying.

Right after the start you will see some jumping fish. Jump on one and make it down the top path. You must make it to the cannon, then keep moving forward.

Shortly after the cannon part, you will see this room behind you.

Look Both Ways
Reach the goal in CRISIS CITY Act 2 without being hit by a tornado-carried car or rocks.
Strategy: At the end of the stage, various items will fly at you. They should miss you, but if you’re going fast, you might run into one. If you don’t get this on your first try, do it again, but go slower.

A Quick Breather
Get the red star ring atop the highest spot in ROOFTOP RUN Act 2 and reach the goal.
Strategy: I believe this trophy is glitched, but I got it at this exact spot.

Keep going down the main path till you see these springs.

After you jump on the spring, you can shoot yourself at some balloons. These will take you on a new upwards path. Keep following this path and you should get the ring without noticing it.

Color Power!
Get the red star ring by using an Orange Wisp on PLANET WISP Act 2 and reach the goal.
Strategy: This is a surprisingly easy one, but it is easy to mess up. Make sure to follow this guide exactly.

Following the main path should get you here. You will need this wisp, but DO NOT use it till I say so. Keep going forward till you get on the carts.

While riding the carts, you will pass this warp point. This part is required to get to the next place for the ring. Keep moving forward after getting launched.

Here’s where it gets tricky. On the carts path, you should see some rings pointing up. Fire the wisp to get up there. The ring will be under the metal pads.


All Stages Cleared!
Clear Sonic Generations.
Strategy: Story can’t be missed.

Blazing Meteor
Get Rank S in seven Acts.
Strategy: See “Big Bang

Blue Comet
Get Rank S in twelve Acts.
Strategy: See “Big Bang

Can’t Touch This
Take no damage from the final boss and clear the stage.
Strategy: Warning! This is by far the hardest task.
This is all about luck really. Memorize the pattern and NEVER go to the right side. Beyond this, you just need to play smart.

Race through a regular stage as Super Sonic.
Strategy: Super Sonic is a skill you get after you finish the game. Make sure you equip it and then obtain 50 rings. Right before the end, simply activate the skill for the trophy.

Mad Skillz
Get all Skills.
Strategy: This requires you to basically do everything else. The following items will unlock skills for you.

  • Buying from the vender.
  • Getting all the red star rings in an Act.
  • Finishing the game.
  • Doing Challenges.

Time Attacker
Play Ranking Attack on all stages.
Strategy: Simply play ranking attack for every stage.

Red Ring Collector
Get all Red Star Rings
Strategy: This is extremely hard to explain, but basically most “hidden” paths contain one. Generally speaking you will collect them all, by doing ever possible path. If you’re having problems, ask the friend outside of the zone. They will tell you where a/the missing coin is.

Halfway Point
Clear half the Challenge Acts.
Strategy: See “Mission Accomplished!

Missioned Accomplished!
Clear all the Challenge acts.
Strategy: Clear every challenge. Most challenges require minimal skill and are impossible to fail.


Big Bang
Get Rank S in all Acts.
Strategy: Believe it or not, this is actually a very easy trophy. The gist of it boils down to two main concepts. Getting to the end quickly, but at the same time without dying. This shouldn’t be too hard, though you might need to redo some stages. Also Bosses don’t count.

[Hedge]Hogging it All Up!
Get all collectables.
Strategy: Simply get every red star ring and finish every challenge.


All Trophies Collected!
Collect all trophies.
Strategy: Collect every trophy.