Skyrim – Restore the Blades Faction; The Benefits and Fight Unlimited Dragons

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Back in Cyrodiil, the Blades are one of the elite soldiers that protects the empire during the events of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. In Skyrim, the Blades faction no longer exists as they’ve been wiped out in the recent war. However, two only remain and they both hope to re-establish it with your help.

The primary responsibility of the Blades back when it existed in Skyrim was to hunt the Dragons and aid the Dragonborn in their quest to vanquish them all. Now facing another Dragon calamity, the only remaining survivors of the Blades will lend their hand and hope that in return, you’ll be able to gather recruits and form another set of Blades warrior.

Since one of the primary objectives of the Blades in Skyrim is to slay Dragons, helping Esbern and Daphne re-establish the faction will give you a radiant quest where you can do it as much as you want and it will involve you fighting the dragons.

The main question is, how do we re-establish the Blades?

Re-Establishing the Blades

– In order to begin the short questline for the Blades, you must finish the ‘Alduin’s Wall’ main quest first.


Just after you finish the Alduin’s Wall quest, the Sky Haven will now be the headquarters of the Blades. Esbern and Daphne will now be settling here. To begin the steps in re-establishing the Blades, talk to Daphne and she’ll ask you to recruit followers.

To recruit followers, make sure that you have a companion with you when you talk to her. When you do have a companion, simply tell her that you found a recruit and then she’ll begin the initiation process.

Give her at least three followers and then you can talk to Esbern. He’ll then give you quests where you and the new Blades member can hunt Dragons. This can be done as many times as you want!

Benefits of Restoring the Blades Faction

Dragonslayer Blessing Talk to Esbern anytime you want if you want to receive the Dragonslayer Blessing. When you have this, you will get +10% Critical Hit on the dragons that you fight for five days. This can be done as many times as you want. Simply talk to Esbern if you want get the blessing again.
– Remember those Dragon Scales and Dragon Bones that you get from looting a dead dragon? Now you can use it! If you want to get a potion where it reduces 10% of the dragon’s damage to you, give those items to Esbern and he’ll craft you potions as many times as you want (just as long as you have those items).

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