Skyrim – Mephala & the Mystery Behind the Ebony Blade Revealed (Daedra Artifact)

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Aside from getting the Ebony Mail from Boethiah, there’s one more Daedra Artifact that you should add to your Ebony Armor Set collection, and that is the Ebony Blade from the Daedric Lord Mephala.

Unlike other Daedric Quest, the process in getting the Ebony Blade is easy and won’t take more than fifteen minutes. However, there will be some decision making that you would have to do in order to get that Ebony Blade.

Let’s get started.

The Ebony Blade

– Make sure that you’re at least level 20 to unlock this quest.
– Talk to the Innkeeper at Bannered Mare in Whiterun and check out the rumors.
– She’ll tell you that the son of Jarl’s of Whiterun is sick.

– Go to Jarl of Whiterun and get him to talk about his son.
– He’ll tell you to pay his son a visit in his quarters.

– His son will tell you that he’s been hearing voices from the basement.

– Locate the basement inside Dragonsreach.
– Approach the door and someone behind it will talk to you.

– It seems the only one that knows how to open the door is the Jarl’s son.
– Talk to the son again.

– Apparently, only two people holds the key to the Whispering Door. The court magician and the Jarl.
– Do whatever it takes to get the key. Best way is to wait until night time and sneak to the room of the Court Magician and steal it.

– Once you have the key to the Whispering Door, open it.
– Now take the Ebony Blade!

Consequences in having the Ebony Blade

– the Ebony Blade is weak when you first get it. In order to restore the blade back to its original deadly form, you must murder someone that’s loyal to you. In other words, kill your followers!
– Is it worth killing your follower for the sake of your two-hand blade?

8 thoughts on “Skyrim – Mephala & the Mystery Behind the Ebony Blade Revealed (Daedra Artifact)

  1. nice guide. i think i’m going to try this quest once i get home since my char is a two-hander. How many times do you have to kill someone loyal to get it back to its original form?

  2. There’s something similar for the boethia shrine (You have to sacrifice a follower), I just hired some guy from a tavern, cost 500 gold, but hey, no guilt of killing anyone I knew..

  3. If you have done enough Miscellaneous Objectives and Side Quests before you start doing the Dark Brotherhood Quest-line, you will have ample opportunity to kill people that you have helped previously.

    Just use this blade to do so. It is advisable to upgrade your two-handed weapon skills or at least get some very powerful poison potions to put on the Ebony Blade for these Assassinations since more than one hit means, the guards will be on to you.

    Certain quests also require you to kill people you worked with. Like Erandur in the Skull of Corruption quest. Use this blade to kill him. Use this blade to do the sacrifice at Boethia Shrine, etc.

    The blade started at 16 damage and unspecified Health Absorb for me which is more than good enough to slaughter legions of bad guys if you keep striking like a mad-man (and great for upgrading your Heavy or Light armor as well).

    None of those kills do anything for it. My first two Brotherhood Assassinations caused it to upgrade. The Daedric lord says something whenever you have upgrade (not whenever you kill the right kind of victim).

    I believe the amount of upgrade is tied to closeness of the individual you slaughtered.

    I read somewhere that getting married and killing your spouse is best way to upgrade it in one shot. Can only marry once in the game… and I like being single until I meet the right “partner” so I haven’t tried that yet.

  4. If you’ve taken over whiterun in the civil war questline it seems to be impossible to do this quest so get it before joining either faction.

  5. A Vampire cannot do this quest, because the stupid innkeeper keeps blabbering on about the Vampire Cure quest. I don’t want that, I want the Ebony Blade. Why is there always some problem with these games…

  6. The blade uses 1 handed skills and perks, but levels up your two handed as you use it. Might be why it seems weak for a two hander user, as Armsman and Bladesman raise the dmg. This may be an oversight in development, or as a part of mephala generally screwing with everyones, as she is known to do in the lore.

    Lastly the health absorb spell [Called “Life Leech” aswell] is 10pts, after you kill 10 people it is raised to 30, getting bumped up bit by bit every two kills where Mephala will comment. While killing followers is easy, you don’t need to kill just them, people you have done quests for will also suffice, since they are no longer useful in the game and have served their purpose, don’t need them anymore.

  7. I love how this blade works.

    Mephala just wants to feel the betrayal in people’s hearts as you kill them, and that’s expected of a Daedric Prince. However, this quest is especially evil. After one kills ten trusted friends, Mephala cryptically hints that it may be possible to upgrade it further by killing more. Or maybe some people just kill more to see if it becomes stronger without Mephala’s nudging. Obviously, it doesn’t.

    That’s the beauty of it. You can’t upgrade the Ebony Blade on a grindstone, so you have to kill those who trust you. With the little trick Mephala pulls, some people will keep killing afterwards hoping for a better reward, while in reality they are actually murdering their friends and loved ones for no good reason.

    I love the Daedra. Seriously.

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