2011 Game of the Year Nominees – Vote Now

2011 has been a huge year for video games. A lot of blockbuster games were out this year that it’s hard to actually pick out a winner.

We here at Just Push Start have narrowed down some of the best games we’ve played this year and put them into different categories. Although we chose the nominees, it’s up to you choose and vote for the winners.

Once your votes have been collected, Just Push Start will announce the winners on December 4th

Here are the 2011 Game of the Year nominees:

– We’ll reveal tomorrow the winners of our GOTY nominations.

7 thoughts on “2011 Game of the Year Nominees – Vote Now

  1. Of course, skyward sword won’t get any recognition from the sheer mass of people voting for overrated games. The Zelda franchise is one of the most underrated, but hey…

  2. @ Jay

    Come on! People have talked about Ocarina of Time as the best game ever for ages… Zelda has a following as large as any of the bigger games, but you need to remember that CoD, BF, and many others have yearly releases on high profile systems.

  3. @ Grant

    Yes, but that was when gamers had a good taste. The gamers with good taste now, are put down for not playing games such as CoD, BF, GoW, and games like that. What I hope for, is a time when everyone from my generation can know of Zelda, and how amazing it is. I’m disgusted with how many are playing games, with the only motive of violence. What happened to games with thoughtful puzzles, beautiful storylines and games which you actually had to think about!? :D

  4. @ Jay

    I love Zelda hell i go back and play the originals on emulators on my PC but i love shooters too and i think the reason players turn to them so much is the ability to face people online and to always a have form of difference and to answer about what happened to puzzle games have you played little big plant because it is epic

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