SD Gundam Is Set To Get Its Own 3DS Bundle

Namco Bandai looks to outdo Capcom’s announcement of a Monster Hunter 3G 3ds bundle, by announcing that it will be bundling SD Gundam G Generation 3D with a special 3DS system.

SD Gundam G Generation 3D is set to be released on December 22 and plans have been made for it to be bundled with a sleek looking Char Nintendo 3DS unit inspired by Char Aznable, the main antagonist in the Gundam universe. You get the exclusive 3ds as well as the normally bundled items and a copy of the game. The bundle will be priced ¥21,090 (about $275).

The bundle also includes an AR card featuring a Char Zack II Mobile Suit exclusive to people that but the bundle. Buyers of both the standard and bundle versions will get a Gundam Tri Age card featuring Gundam Age-1 Normal.

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