Nintendo’s Shares Fall Again

We reported the other day that Nintendo’s share prices had fallen after they announced their new console the WiiU but it seems that faith hasn’t yet been restored in Nintendo.

Nintendo’s shares had already fallen by a massive 5.7% but since then the company has taken another dip by 4.6% yesterday. Is this a sign that Nintendo have gone the wrong way with their new console or just it isn’t what people expected?

Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s global president, still is adamant that “What Wii U will offer is very different, but I believe we have the strong potential to change the entire format of videogames and of entertainment” but it seems many disagree with him. What do you think of the WiiU? Comment your opinion below.

2 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Shares Fall Again

  1. Nintendo really need to address the confusion by start rolling out adverts for what they are trying to say.

    people believe Wii 2 is just the controller

    and people don’t even know how powerful the console is, will it be as strong as xbox/ps3 or more powerful than them?

    it would be rise if its more powerful than both consoles

  2. The console will undoubtedly be superior to the PS3 and Xbox 360. They’ll be playing better looking games at 1080P resolutions, and the touch screen will replace a lot of buttons we usually use for things like inventory items. It should be an amazing system.

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