Portal PS3 And Steam Code Can Be Used Separately

With Portal 2 releasing in just a few days on the PS3, a lot of gamers are wondering the limitations that they might have on the FREE Steam copy packed with the game.

Every brand new PS3 copy will include a voucher code inside the game. The question is, does this mean that I can give this to a friend that has Steam account so that we can play together? Yes, the Steam voucher code that is included in your PS3 copy will act as a stand-alone game.

When you get the voucher code, you can do whatever you want with it: you can sell it to get your money back, or give to a friend. The code isn’t DRM’d or bound to you, so giving it to a friend is quite possibly the best option as it will allow you guys to play the co-op with each other.

It’s much like a buy one get one free deal. The code to download via Steam is only available for the PS3 version of Portal 2.

NOTE: If you link your Steam account on your PlayStation Network, you will NOT be able to play the game at the same time, UNLESS the person that owns the PS3 Portal 2 disc will create a new PSN account and link it to your friend’s account. Please remember that when you own the Steam version of Portal 2, you can play with someone on the PS3 version of Portal 2 that linked their Steam account.

Steam players will be able to play Portal 2 with PS3 gamers. Cross-over matchmaking is possible between PC and PS3 Portal 2 gamers.

UPDATE: For players who are having a hard time understanding this article, here’s a step by step guide.

1. Give the STEAM voucher code to your friend.
2. Either make a dummy PSN account or have his PSN account activated on your PS3.
3. Play the Portal 2 PS3 disc on your PS3 using his dummy or his PSN account
4. Press SELECT to open STEAM while playing Portal 2.
5. Link his PSN or dummy account to the Steam account he has.
6. There ya go, you can now play together!

Now, is this too hard to comprehend? AND YES, this has been tested by us.

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11 thoughts on “Portal PS3 And Steam Code Can Be Used Separately

  1. so let’s see my situation:
    I have steam and psn accounts, hoping to play portal 2 from PC with my friend who will be playing it from PS3, my friend has psn account but no steam, so what needs to be done is:
    1.my friend must create a steam account and link it to his psn
    2.I redeem the pc voucher on my steam account
    is this correct? thanks

  2. If you redeem the PC voucher in your Steam account, make sure the person who will be playing the PS3 copy will link your STEAM profile to another PSN account to play together (Make a dummy account or give your PSN account to him).

  3. Hey, thanks for confirming this. There was talk of this in the Portal 2 steam forums, but I’m happy to see someone has confirmed it. Great stuff.

  4. thanks for clearing that up! :) although it sounds to be too troublesome for both of us in the end as we might like to keep our achievements on our real accounts

  5. “Portal ps3 and steam code can be used separately”

    Not really. It’s what Mark said above. Very troublesome if the other person doesn’t have a psn/ not your friend.

    You simply can’t just giveaway the code. If you do you’ll get this.


  6. Hey guys ummm I think i mess up i used voucher or my steam account but logged in the same steam account with PS3 is there a way to CHANGE login info on ps3?

  7. Damn, great idea – if I am understanding it right? (If I’m having probs with this then I’m sure gonna suck at Portal right!?)

    So, we’re a couple (me and my girl of course). She’s a PS3 gamer, I’m a PC gamer with a Steam account (have had since it was invented).

    So we get the PS3 version which comes with a voucher which I can redeem on my PC Steam account. We link my Steam account with my girlfriends PS3 PSN account and we can play the 2 player co-op?

    This is marketing genius if this is the case (aside from Portal 2 being one of THE best games ever).

    If not, what the hell am I not understanding???


  8. So this article is the best online at explaining the exact process needed to transfer Portal 2.

    But my predicament is that I have the Portal 2 product code from a friend who said he’d never use it and I am a long time user of steam as well(I still have my copy of Portal 1 on it). I don’t want a dummy PSN account I never use, don’t care about, and have no friends on to be connected to my steam account, which I use, with all my other content, and friends.

    How intrusive is this PSN account onto my steam once linked, I heard they sign in together after you link them… Additionally, I want to know is there anyway to unlink PSN and Steam accounts once they’re merged, besides calling Sony or sending a technical support email? Also if I do send a technical support email and have the accounts unlinked, will the game Portal Two Delete itself??!

    I don’t really want a secondary Dummy steam account with just portal 2 either. Any and all advice helps, thanks.

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