PS3 Games that Are Not Compatible with Sony’s “Cloud” Online Storage

While every PlayStation Plus subscribers are enjoying the new Online Storage feature on the PlayStation 3, do you know what games are not compatible with it?

Today, SCE revealed the list of games that Online Storage will not support. So far, only two games were listed and they are Enchanted Arms, and Afrika.

With only two games are listed, it means that every PS3 games out there should be compatible! Are you using the Online Storage system? If so, what are your thoughts about it?

5 thoughts on “PS3 Games that Are Not Compatible with Sony’s “Cloud” Online Storage

  1. My Afrika save (completed game) is 397MB, so I’m not surprised that one’s not compatible! So far the cloud storage service looks awesome.

  2. Im using it and am so happy with it, now I am able to transfer my Demons Souls save over.

  3. As long as random devs don’t start ‘blocking’ their saves from being sent to the cloud. Then it’ll be an amazing service.

    But all it will take is someone to find a way to exploit it, and you’ll see all kinds of limits in place u_u

  4. I was excited for a moment when it was announced but now understand it doesn’t offer much for the two or more PS3 owner who intends to switch from one machine to another. It’s not much different than my current method of USB transportation.

  5. Amazing, I am a loyal fan of all things SONY. And cloud game saves is another reason why. There are to many features available to even try to mention. Thank you. Again.

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