Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Character Reviled

A while back you might recall there was a production video featuring a new character, today famitsu has released a name and some details on her.

Her name is “ジェイシー” (Not official romanized yet) or “juishi-“. The name appears to be Jay C, or maybe just JC.  The only other details given on her was that she uses an acrobatic form of wrestling that isn’t specifically named. About the younger Heihachi it appears to be due to the results of some research hes made.

The following characters were shown and will appear in the latest entry Jin Kazama, Martial Law, Jinpachi Mishima, Aauka Kazama, Heihachi Mishima, and Miguel. In addition to this apparently Jinpachi father will appear for the first time and will look similar to Fives boss.

Finally there is a new gameplay system featuring a lot of older elements… Can call your partner, swap out between combos, they’ve added a combo grab too. Sadly no other details were given on this though.

3 thoughts on “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Character Reviled

  1. Sounds good.
    Looks like this Tag may actually border on canon, or at least have a bloody story lol.

    You say Jinpachi’s father may appear and that he may look like Fives Boss. Just one questions: Who the Hell is Fives Boss?

  2. Um… Jinpachi looks like T5’s boss because he IS T5’s boss… Did anyone here even play Tekken before?…

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