Dead Space 2 Hardcore Unlockable Revealed

Upon completing Dead Space 2 on any difficulty, a Hardcore mode will be revealed.

However, what does completing the Hardcore mode give you?

Issac Clarke is not unfamiliar with losing touch with reality, in fact that’s a key plot point to the second game. However just how out of touch can he get? Upon pulling off the “Hardcore” mode which is no laughing matter, you’re rewarded with the “Hand Cannon”, and no, this is not the gun from Resident Evil 5.

The Hand Cannon is a foam finger, which which brings about the ultimate power of ones self, the power of pew pew pew!!! Yes not only does the finger pew pew pew, it also bang bang bangs. You can see they took this weapon very seriously. If you don’t think that’s cool, well… What if I told you Issac says “Bang” or “pew” each time you fired it?

If this seems up your ally, check out hayabusaDGO‘s video demonstrating this ultimate power!

2 thoughts on “Dead Space 2 Hardcore Unlockable Revealed

  1. hahahah that was funny.

    replaying it just to unlock a weapon is….alright but
    Ninja Gaiden Black is still the best game of all difficulty because you get to fight new enemies!

    I’ll play this game 2/3 times just to get the Bang gun?:/

  2. @ Xino:

    I remember black and it was solid… But Almost no game is like that, so lets just forget about it. As far as playing 2 – 3 times for the Bang gun, you always have the trophies and the challenge of pulling it off.

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