Fable III DLC Fetching A High Price

As with many of the exclusive pre-order DLC’s Fable III’s has already made its way onto eBay. While there are a lot of the codes on the online site, some of the auctions are already fetching a seemingly high price tag.

One auction on eBay.com for the Fable III Inquisitor Sword & Tattoo Code DLC codes has already reached $26 dollars with hours left for future bidding. Another user is selling a bundle of all the DLC for Fable III and it is currently at $30 a fair sum for what was effectively free with the collector’s edition of the game.

Should companies keep on with these exclusive DLCs or just make them available for a slightly increased price from the Xbox Live Marketplace? Either way some of the sellers are looking to make up quite a bit of the price of the title, from just selling a few bits of DLC.

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One thought on “Fable III DLC Fetching A High Price

  1. I do this ALL the time.

    I have no need for the DLC, and it’s a good way of making some money back.

    My Halo Reach DLC, Legendary code, sold for £40! Which is just darn silly.

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