Monster Hunter Tri Review

The Hunting Season has finally begun as the much awaited Monster Hunter Tri for the Nintendo Wii is now available. After selling millions of copies in Japan and receiving numerous different awards, it’s time for North American gamers to experience the Monster Hunter mania that everyone in Japan has been talking about. From the popular Monster Hunter series on different platforms, Monster Hunter Tri will take players onto a new adventure once again with new dangers and trials ahead. With up to four players online multiplayer to join up and take on quests, will Monster Hunter Tri be a game Nintendo Wii owners should consider?

Monster Hunter Tri is the first Monster Hunter game that I really tried and spent my time on. My thoughts? Let’s take a look in the HOTs and NOTs of the much awaited Monster Hunter Tri for the Nintendo Wii:


Let’s Hunt!
Monster Hunter Tri will take players to the Village of Moga. As the player start their adventure, a character customization will commence. This character can be used in both offline and online multiplayer modes of Monster Hunter Tri. Following the story of a Hunter in the making, players will have to go through rigorous challenges in an attempt to kill the Lagiacrus that’s been taunting Moga Village with earthquakes. With the recent attack of Lagiacrus, the Moga village is in shambles. As the protagonist of the game, the player will be partaking into Guild Quests that will enhance the players’ skills and help the Moga village regain its prosperity once again.

Fans of the Monster Hunter series should feel very welcomed while playing Tri. Newcomers will require a little patience in getting used to it but it will all be paid off once the player is hooked on it. For newbies of the series, the main objective in the game is to take on quests from the Guild. The story progresses after finishing certain quests. Players will have to go deep within customization to survive in harsh battles ahead. Quests in the Monster Hunter Tri varies from slaying monsters to a fetching an item from the enemy. After the completion of each quest, the loot acquired in a quest can either be sold or kept in your Item Box, and of course, players will be able to get money to help them upgrade their equipments.

For a Wii game, Monster Hunter Tri delivers phenomenal graphics. The scope of the game is big and there are areas where players will be amazed at. Similar to the past Monster Hunter titles, players will be embarking into dungeons where the quests will be taking place. The map of the area is laid out to the right hand side of the screen. Players venturing in the world of Monster Hunter Tri will be able to traverse into nature’s harshest environments including, the underwater sea, deserts, rain forests, and a lot more. There are no voice overs whatsoever in the game but when talking to towns people, players will be able to hear their “own” language. It is similar to the gibberish spoken when the Sims characters talk.

Monster Hunter Tri will have appearances from past monsters from various other Monster Hunter titles. Some are new but most of them have come back for revenge. The monsters have improved and gives much better loot this time around. The design of the monsters are nicely animated, and as aformentioned, Monster Hunter Tri has one of the best graphics for the Nintendo Wii.

Online Features
The single biggest selling factor in Monster Hunter Tri is undoubtedly the online capabilities. Players who don’t want to take the quests by themselves can go hop on the Multiplayer mode. When playing online, players can connect up to four people and do quests together. What makes the Multiplayer mode even better is the ability to chat with other players through the Wii’s peripheral Wii Speak. Through Wii Speak, other players can interact with each other without the use of the in-game chat system. However, if players don’tt have Wii Speak, they can go to the old traditional way of using a USB keyboard.

The multiplayer part of Monster Hunter Tri features the same quests as found in the Single Player mode plus a few more mission that are online exclusives. Players can expect events to be held in the game every month and this is only exclusive via the online feature. Similar to any other online games in the market, players will have to go through servers and rooms. Once a server and a room is picked, players will be in a City where you can prepare for your upcoming quest. Shops and Blacksmiths will be in the virtual city where you do all your preparations with friends online. Once a player is ready, they can talk to the Guild Receptionist to take on a quest. Whatever the leader picks, the quest will be made available to the Bulletin Board where others can join in.

When doing a quest, the team are allowed up to three deaths. After each death, each of the players in a team will lose a reward. Once any of the four members die at least three times, the Quest will end. Upon successful completion of the quest, the team will receive the loots, rewards, and earn Hunter Points that can level the Hunter Rank. Please be reminded that the Hunter Rank is used to play with other people online.

Swimming Underwater
Another good addition in Monster Hunter Tri is the ability to swim underwater. Aside from venturing into the land or the surface of the volcano, hunters willing to take on the Lagiacras will have to go underwater and explore the vast sea. Exploration underwater is the same when on land except players will have a time limit when swimming. One of the best weapons that a hunter can use is a Fish Harpoon, but it breaks all the time. There are unique monsters that can only be found in the sea, so it is advisable to every players to not be afraid of venturing underwater. Just think of it as if the player is Little Mermaid! Oh, and watch out for the Lagiacras as that beast loves swimming underwater.


Slow Pace
Fans of the Monster Hunter series should know that the game starts off slow. Players will be getting weak equipments in the beginning but since the goal of the game is to become the best and strongest Hunter in the land, the game will pick up as you spend a decent amount of hours into the game. It is advisable for the players to do the Sub-Quest as it helps gain more money after completing the quest.

Not for Everyone
Monster Hunter Tri is a game where everyone will enjoy if they decide to be patient with it. If the player is not a very patient one, expect to get bored but trust me, once the player gets used to the battle system and the way the game works, it is guaranteed to be dangerously addictive. I myself have never given a chance to play the game for hours but since I have the responsibility to play through and review it, I got addicted. This is the game that I can see myself playing with friends for a long time.


Editor's Choice AwardOverall, Monster Hunter Tri is an addicting game where it will consume a lot of your free time. It may require a little patience for newcomers but once they get use to it, I guarantee that it will hook them. Fans of the Monster Hunter series should definitely not pass this up as this is another Monster Hunter game that will take half of your life to complete. The online feature of the game is one of the things that everyone will love, I guarantee it. Let the Hunting Season begin!