NSMB Wii Sales Pass 10 Million Worldwide

It was recently revealed that the sales for Mario’s latest outing have passed 10 million in less than two months on the market. New Super Mario Bros. Wii completely destroyed the console’s 3D Mario counterpart, Super Mario Galaxy, which has been around for over two years.

The title has sold over 4.5 million in North America, with Europe and Japan shifting over 3 million apiece. Mario’s other big game for the Wii, Super Mario Galaxy, has only sold 8.2 million worldwide in it’s two year life-span.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, however, predicted these vast amounts of sales, as he told the press last year. It certainly is a sign of Mario and the Wii’s popularity. And it doesn’t seem as if the sales will be slowing down anytime soon…