Quantum Theory Release Date & Limited Edition Revealed

After the shocking announcement of Quantum Theory releasing on the XBOX 360, Tecmo officially announced today that both versions will have a simultaneous release on March 25, 2010. Both platforms will get a standard and limited edition priced at 7,980Y and 9,980.

Quantum Theory Limited Edition will include the soundtrack of the game and a voucher code to unlock an extra character . The current release date pertains only to Japan, as of now the North American and Europe territories are still TBA.

3 thoughts on “Quantum Theory Release Date & Limited Edition Revealed

  1. Yeah, with God Of War 3, Yakuza 3 and Final Fantasy XIII launching in the west in March Quatum Theory would be completely overshadowed. They’ll probably hold off a western release till about May to avoid the first quarter madness. Although Yakuza 4 and Gran Turismo 5 are both launching in Japan at the same time so it’ll still have some tough competition. Looks like a great game, though.

  2. Tecmo lost half of the PS3 buyers when they announced it multiplatform. SUKS 4 THEM. Xbox 360 owners would not buy a japanese GeOW.. Soo i see their sales like 100,000 units sold worl wide.

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