Demon’s Souls Pure White Tendency Starts Monday

After having a Halloween event in the world of Boletaria, Atlus will be having a Pure White Tendency that starts from December 21st at approximately 12PM PST until December 28th around the same time. With the event going on for a week, expect the monster to be a pushover as new areas and character will be unlocked.

To take advantage of this event, make sure that you are connected on the PlayStation Network while playing. Have fun this week and don’t forget to loot!

3 thoughts on “Demon’s Souls Pure White Tendency Starts Monday

  1. sik, herd this game was a blast, not my type of game but was thinking of giving it a try, the problem is….

    wel there 5


    so 6 actually , thats a lot of money,40 quid a pop 35 online etc….
    i dont usually pre – order either, i w8 for deals,

    problem, 2, there ALL day one purchases, pre-order whatever, fo’ sure. even thinking about special editions- on all those games, which cost more. so atlus, my friend, you wont be seeing my 40 quid. i will however, be telling all my m8s who like rpgs ho good this is & to go it quick if they haven’t already,…..

    ive seen it, played it, rated it, its goooood, looting swapping & trading is fun lol, i have discovered -, ;if you cant wait any longer, buy the game to add to your collection, for the rest of us, there’s white knight chronicles soon, v soon. beautiful game. peace.

  2. Well then you only RELLY have 4 reasons. Because Agent won’t be out until early 2011. How could it be much sooner when not even a screenshot has come out yet. At the very earliest it will be out Christmas time 2010, a whole year from now. And Twisted Metal isn’t even officially announced yet. And we can pretty much knock that down to 3 reasons because The Last Guardian also won’t be out until almost a year from now. And to cut the reast of your reasons, none of those will be out for months yet. Demon’s Souls has been out for a couple months now. You have PLENTY of time to play the game.

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