The Fanboy’s Perspective: Record of Agarest War

Today I’d like to introduce a new section here on JPS known as “A Fanboy’s Perspective.” In this we take a look at just what devout console fanboys think about the latest in gaming news and releases. Today’s topic is Record of Agarest War, a little two-year-old JRPG that was originally set to release as a PS3 exclusive through PSN this fall, but has now been pushed to spring of 2010 with a 360 version also on the way. So, just what do the various different fanboys think of this latest change in this game’s release? Let’s take a look and find out.

The Playstation side.

“This is inexcusable! How dare Aksys release such a brilliant and wonderful game on a console as inferior as the Xbox 360? Obviously the 360 can’t handle the intense 2D sprites and pre rendered backgrounds this game has to offer! Not to mention the fact that a game as awesome as this should only be on PS3 because that’s where it will most be appreciated! Oh sure, you could make the argument that almost all RPGs up to this point have not sold that well on PS3 in North America, but that is simply a dumb excuse cooked up by Microsoft and its goons to trick us into thinking that the 360 is better than the PS3. Well let me tell you something Aksys, you just lost a sale! It’s obvious that now the game will suffer and be completely unplayable because it’s on a console I don’t own! What could have been a wonderful JRPG experience for all has just been ruined by a know nothing publisher! Screw you Aksys, I hope you rot!”

The Xbox Side

“So I heard some game that was originally a PS3 exclusive is now coming to 360. Suck it Playstation fans! Obviously the PS3 was too crappy to handle the game, and the publisher wanted to actually make money, so they decided to release it on a system that actually sells! I don’t know what this game is exactly, it has a weird title and I hear it’s a Japanese RPG. The graphics look like crap and you don’t get a gun so I really don’t care, but still, SUCK IT PLAYSTATION! I mean, I won’t be buying this game and probably won’t even notice it on store shelves when it comes out, but it makes me feel better knowing that a once PS3 exclusive has worked its way over to Xbox, whether I plan on playing it or not is not important! If you’ll excuse me,  I have to get back to Modern Warfare 2 online.”

The Nintendo Side

“PLEASE GIVE US SOMETHING TO PLAY! Oh, New Super Mario Bros, awesome! What was I talking about?”

There you have it folks, some thought provoking comments from gaming’s most rational and reasonable fans. Stay tuned as we bring you more unbiased perspectives from the fanboys.