PSP 5.50GEN-B CFW Users Cuts off PlayStation Network Access

For the people who have a custom firmware PSP and have been trying to access the PlayStation Store from either the PS3 or PSP, you will notice that you cannot connect anymore and you will be asked to update the firmware to 6.10 to gain access. This is indeed one step ahead for Sony who is still trying to fight piracy on the PSP.

As always, hackers will find a way and pirates will prevail in the end. But will they? Who knows. Only time will tell…

Thanks Jericho for the tip!

4 thoughts on “PSP 5.50GEN-B CFW Users Cuts off PlayStation Network Access

  1. Smart move Sony!

    I know ppl love their CFW for the PSP but this is a good move from Sony; they need to combat the potential piracy that CFW offers and not being able to use the PSN can be problematic for some.

  2. Just because people use CFW does NOT make them pirates. It enables owners to fully utilize the power of their OWNED hardware. The iso ability was implemented for people to LEGALLY play backed up copies of their OWNED games. By $ony shutting CFW users out of the PSN store almost forces it’s users to become pirates.

  3. @Kevin Masek: That argument is getting so old. When you sign-up for the PSN on either the PSP or the PS3, there’s an EULA that you agree to. Part of that is that you will not use hacked/altered firmware to access their networks. All Sony is doing is enforcing what users already agreed to. If PSP users want to mod/hack their systems, they get to deal with all the consequences it brings.

  4. Sony will never shut out hackers for the psp.. there to fast for sony and too smart

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