Gran Turismo PSP Offers Custom Soundtrack Option

The ability to play your own personal music while playing a game is always a plus and since a few games only supports this feature on the PSP, I found out while playing Gran Turismo PSP that is due to come out on October 1st will be another game that will introduce this feature. That’s right, while driving your way through into the beautiful scenery of Gran Turismo, you can go ahead and listen to your personal music tracks.

To listen to your personal music library while playing Gran Turismo PSP, all you need to do are the following:

Make sure you finished the first Driving Challenge section.

1. Place all mp3 music files in the MUSIC or MUSIC/GTPSP folder in your Memory Stick. (please create the folder if it does not exist)

2. Go to OPTIONS -> AUDIO SETTINGS -> SET USER BGM FOLDER and select the folder you placed your mp3 files. (MUSIC or MUSIC/GTPSP)

3. Save Settings

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6 thoughts on “Gran Turismo PSP Offers Custom Soundtrack Option

  1. they said actiate the user bmg how i cant ACTIVATE that fucking option nobody said where i cant activate4 it

  2. Guys, listen,darn it. Make the folder ( optional, recommend ) and place your songs into the folder. Then go to your game, and complete all of the challenges in A and B. Once you complete that you will get a message saying you have unlocked the ability to choose your own music from the BGM folder in the options menu. Go to options, audio settings, then set user BGM folder. Thats it.

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