Savage Moon Update and Expansion Now Available on PSN

In the Official Playstation Blog, the developers of Savage Moon  announced that a new update and expansion is now available on the Playstation Network. The update fixes and adds several things that will enhance the gameplay.

* Re-balancing of the stats, including an upgraded Amp Tower with stats more  similar to the first release of the game. Other tweaks to the stats make level 4 a bit more forgiving.
* A new ‘Training Mode’ that allows all the levels to be played as before, but the overall gameplay is a bit easier (but you can’t save these scores to the high-score table).
* We have added custom soundtrack support, so you can blast Insectocytes to the tunes of your choice.

Waldgeist is the new expansion available for download. If you were wondering, the name is German and translates as ‘woodland spirit‘ and in pagan times Waldgeists (is that the plural?) were believed to be the custodians of the forest. As the new levels in the expansion are set in more biological forested Imoons, we felt the name suited the vibe of the new gameplay perfectly.

Here are the things that you can expect on the new Waldgeist expansion pack:

* 6 new levels that bring a riot of new colors and environments into the game.
* 2 new evolutions of the Insectocytes: the aptly named Death Blossom – a frightening new adaptation that when it reaches a concentration of towers, explodes launching a payload of deadly guided missiles in a single barrage of devastation to all within it’s range. There is also the ‘Invisibugs’ adaptation; a new photochromatic skin pigment in some Insectocytes that render them invisible to normal attack towers.
* 2 new tower types: fortunately the human techies have also been busy. They have developed a counter to the ‘Invisibugs’ in the form of a sensor tower that allows all other towers within its range to target them. They have also developed the Arclight tower which is our personal favorite, a lightning-firing attack tower that zaps Insectocytes en masse!
* 12 new versions of the existing levels: In the expansion you can re-play Agamemnon to Lotan all-over with different waves and bugs that the normal versions.
* Vengeance Mode: All combined, there is now more vengeance than Dirty Harry in Waldgeist. There are vengeance modes for the 6 new levels AND for the 12 new Waldgeist variations of Agamemnon to Lotan AND for the training mode version of all of the above.
* 7 New Trophies: Yes indeed! A whole host of new challenges for Commanders to show their superior grasp of tactics, examples of which are; the Insectocyte Juggler Award (keep an Insectocyte alive for 5 minutes) and the Luddite Trophy (complete any 5 levels using only Machine Gun Towers and without any damage to the base)
* New Music: Thanks to Parasite, our sound producer and musician, we also have new music in the new levels AND bonus hidden remix tracks that unlock including exclusive tracks by Subliminal System, Monk3ylogic and of course, Parasite.