Final Fantasy XIII “About Three Discs”

As we all know, the Fina Fantasy franchise has always been about long, epic, and thoroughly deep games. Of course, the latest game in the series is no different, and is easily going to be one of the biggest and most epic RPGs ever.

That being said, it seems the game won’t be compressed onto just one DVD. The director of the game, Motomu Toriyama said that while the two versions of the game will be the same, the Xbox 360 version will be “about” three discs long. Toriyama went on to say the game will be about 40 to 50 hours long for the main quest, and that the team is still working on compressing the game, so these “abouts” could possibly change.

While I’m sure this won’t deter anyone away from the game, it’s interesting to finally see a BD game vs a DVD game. Many have argued whether or not the extra space on a Blu-Ray disc is even needed when it comes to video games, this is about the best comparison you are going to get.