Gran Turismo PSP Cover Revealed

The Official Playstation Blog just released the cover of their highly anticipated Gran Turismo PSP.  The cover impressively displays a Corvette ZR1, one of the fastest sports cars created by General Motors.  Though it may seem like an odd choice for Polyphony to place a sports car from GM on the cover, Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi gives a very noble reason behind it.

“With all the automotive industry in the world at a crisis, I know that North American automakers are especially in a very difficult situation, and I understand the background and the reasons behind this.

And I can easily envision these things affecting our works as well. After all, as you well know, the game Gran Turismo is a video game that grew thanks to the insight and vision of the automotive industry, and in effect nurtured by its kindness, in its very womb.

And that’s why I wanted us to make something that could cheer up those in the industry.

Many GM cars representative from the Autorama days have really helped build the foundations of my adoration and sense of value for cars. And something that had always been deep within my heart over the years is the long line of Corvettes;

As long as I’ve known in every era, even from when I was a very small child, the Corvette has always been one of the coolest cars around. And that is the reason why the newest Corvette, ZR-1, was selected for the package cover of Gran Turismo for the PSP.

Also, there’s a fun little bit at the ending of this PSP version of Gran Turismo that is in concert with this package image of the Corvette.


I hope you’ll look forward to its release.”

To read more about  the ZR1 and see the latest screenshots of the game in action, head on over to the Official Playstation Blog’s  post.

Gran Turismo PSP Cover Revealed (Official Playstation Blog)