Sonic Colors Gameplay Trailer Released

Sega has released a new trailer showcasing some of the gameplay that will be in its latest Sonic game. Read More »

Arc Rise Fantasia Review

Arc Rise Fantasia Review

The Nintendo Wii has been receiving a lot of love lately from the Japanese RPG genre. With Xenoblade and the Last Story coming to the Wii console in just a matter of months, Imagepoch releases Arc Rise Fantasia that... Read More »

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Tales of Graces PS3 & Wii Graphics Comparison

In the recently concluded media briefing of Namco Bandai today, Famitsu reveald the first screenshot of the much anticipated Tales of Graces F on the PlayStation 3. Read More »

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 Release Date Announced

The release date for the next iteration in the long running wrestling game series has been revealed. Read More »

NBA 2K11 Soundtrack Listing

The NBA 2K11 is known to include some of the hottest hip-hop tracks around. This year will be no different, as Snoop Dogg will be singing the main 2K theme. Read More »

Conduit 2 Box Art Revealed

Sega is proud to reveal today the official and final box art of the much awaited sequel of Conduit that will be releasing on the Nintendo Wii this Fall. Read More »

Amazing Metroid: Other M Box Art Revealed; New Screenshots

Nintendo revealed today the official box art and new hot screenshots of the upcoming Metroid: Other M exclusively on the Nintendo Wii. Similar to other Nintendo titles, Metroid: Other M will be on a red case. Metroid: Other M... Read More »

More Character Names Revealed For The Last Story

The names of the characters that will accompany main protagonist of The Last Story, Elza have been revealed by Jump magazine in Japan. Read More »

Just Dance 2 Coming This October

The first Just Dance game sold over 3 million copies worldwide. Ubisoft is proud to announce a sequel is due out this October. Read More »

Nintendo Download: Good Times by Air, Land and Sea

Nintendo Download: New Game Downloads Deliver Good Times by Air, Land and Sea.. Read More »

Headstrong Games To Focus On PS3

The third party developer Headstrong Games which did only create Wii titles is changing its focus to the PlayStation 3 which is more third party developer friendly as well as soon having a motion device and the upcoming Nintendo... Read More »

Rock Band 3 Release Date This October

Harmonix announced the release date for the much anticipated release of Rock Band 3. The North American date is set for October 26, 2010. Read More »

Thor: The Video Game Coming in 2011

Sega is pleased to announce today that they will be bringing Marvel's Mighty Thor on the five major video game consoles in early 2011. Read More »

Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring Pre-Order Details

Konami and GameStop are pleased to announce today the pre-order bonus for the upcoming Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes Del Ring for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and DSi Ware. Read More »

Fins, Fur and Fabulous Puzzles Power the Latest Downloads

The selection of downloadable games for the WiiWare™ service and the Nintendo DSiWare™ service keeps on growing Read More »

Call of Duty: Black Ops Box Art Revealed

Call of Duty: Black Ops is not out until November but you can ease the wait by looking at the final box art that was revealed by Activision earlier today. Read More »

Capcom July Updates

An overview of what's happening in July from the folks over at Capcom. Read More »

Sengoku Basara 3 Dated for North America

Capcom Entertainment is proud to announce today the release date of the much awaited localization of Sengoku Basara on the PlayStation 3 and Wii. Read More »

Sakaguchi Working Hard On The Last Story

Hironubu Sakaguchi updated his blog saying how his staff are working hard on The Last Story plus how nervous he is of the outcome. Read More »

Dragon Quest Teaser Trailer in 3D

To help promote Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory on Nintendo Wii, Square-Enix is showing a 3D teaser of it latest game prior to theater showings of Toy Story 3. Read More »

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