Splinter Cell Blacklist Pre-Order Gamestop

Gamestop Announces Exclusive Splinter Cell Blacklist Pre-Order Bonuses

If you are a huge Splinter Cell Blacklist fan, Gamestop has announced that it will be offering some exclusive items if you pre-order from them. Here’s what Gamestop announced on its Facebook page earlier: “JUST ANNOUNCED: The Covert Hunter... Read More »

respawn entertainment xbox 720 exclusive

Xbox 720 To Receive A Sci-Fi FPS Exclusive From Former Call of Duty Developers

When a next generation console is launched, the one thing that is a selling point is what type of exclusive games will be available. It’s been reported by Kotaku that the Xbox 720 could receive a science fiction based... Read More »

Hellraid Announced by Techland, Coming to Current-Gen Systems

Hellraid Announced by Techland, Coming to Current-Gen Systems

Techland, whose notable work includes Dead Island and Call of Juarez, has just lifted the veil on their next title Hellraid, previously known as Project Hell. The game swaps out zombies and gunslingers for warriors, paladins, mages and rogues.... Read More »

beyond: two souls film festival

PlayStation Debuts BEYOND: Two Souls at Tribeca Film Festival‏

The Tribeca Film Festival played host to the official screening of Sony Computer Entertainment America’s LLC (SCEA) BEYOND: Two Souls™ gameplay which included a panel discussion with Game Director David Cage and the Hollywood cast on Saturday. Developed exclusively... Read More »


Valve Missing E3 2013 Too

Earlier this week, it was revealed that 2K Games would not have its own booth at E3 2013. It has now been unveiled that Valve will miss the event too. Fan page ValveTime emailed VP of marketing for Valve... Read More »

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us Lobo DLC Dated, Trailered

Following last week’s leak and confirmation, Lobo has now been given a date for his appearance in Injustice: Gods Among Us. This DLC character comes equipped with a deadly set of chains and a sawed-off shotgun. You can check... Read More »

arkham origins no kevin conroy

Kevin Conroy Won’t Be Voicing Batman In Arkham Origins

According to the May issue of NAG magazine in South Africa, the publication states that Kevin Conroy will not reprise his role as Batman in Arkham Origins. According to the magazine, WB Games Montreal wanted to choose a different... Read More »

Final Fantasy Type-0 Screenshot

Twitter Petition For Final Fantasy Type-0 In Western Countries

Fans of Final Fantasy Type-0 are pushing really hard for the game to be localized for Western countries. Their latest effort is for fans to tweet to Square Enix directly. The Facebook page called “Operation Suzaku” is already dedicated... Read More »

et worst movie video game

Are Movie Based Video Games Slowly Dying Out?

Movie based video games have been around for as long as video game consoles have existed. Some of the most (in)famous video games ever made have been based on movies or other licensed material. One just has to utter... Read More »

2k games logo

2K Games Won’t Be At E3 2013

2K Games has announced on its official website that it will not have its own booth at E3 2013. 2K Games announced the following: “At 2K, we’re excited for the new opportunities coming with the next generation of hardware,... Read More »

Mars War Logs Now Available on PC, Coming to PSN/XBL “Very Soon”

Mars War Logs Now Available on PC, Coming to PSN/XBL “Very Soon”

Spider Studios’ sci-fi RPG, Mars War Logs, has surprised us today with its sudden PC launch. The game can be currently be found on Steam at a price point of $19.99. Mars War Logs packs skill development, real-time combat,... Read More »

Dead Island: Riptide – Infinite XP/Cash Trick

Dead Island: Riptide – Infinite XP/Cash Trick

Much like its predecessor, Dead Island: Riptide has several exploits which allow players to quickly level, fill their wallets and load up their inventory with duplicated items. Earlier this week we showed you how to duplicate weapons. Now, we’re... Read More »

SWTOR Game Update 2.1 Teased: Cathar Finally Coming

SWTOR Game Update 2.1 Teased: Cathar Finally Coming

A new game update to the critically acclaimed SWTOR has been teased today by Bioware. Titled as ‘Customizations’, one of the features of the upcoming Game Update 2.1 is the inclusion of the Cathar species. For now, no release... Read More »

God Mode

God Mode Review

Way back when I started gaming there was these things called codes, which would unlock/change various things in the game. Sometimes they would unlock a new character, like President (at the time) Clinton in NBA Jam and other times... Read More »

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grand theft auto v trailers

New Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Coming April 30th

Grand Theft Auto V may have been delayed until September, but a new trailer for the game will be revealed in just a few day’s time. Rockstar has revealed actually that “trailers” will be revealed on April 30th. Rockstar... Read More »

beyond: two souls film festival

Star-studded Cast Of BEYOND: Two Souls To Descend On Tribeca‏

The power of gaming is set to truly make its mark on the world of film this April as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) confirms the arrival of BEYOND: Two Soul at the Tribeca Film Festival. Following the incredible... Read More »

battlefield 4 flyer

EB Games Australia Leaks Release Date And More Info On Battlefield 4

EB Games Australia posted on Facebook a flyer that shows the release date and more information about Battlefield 4. EB Games Australia has now since deleted the poster, but this did not stop BF4Central from grabbing the image before... Read More »

Xbox 720 Games That Could Propel a Successful Launch

Xbox 720 Games That Could Propel a Successful Launch

With the announcement of the next Xbox set for next month, many Xbox gamers are excited to see what Microsoft will have in store when it launches ideally later this year. Read More »

Pandora’s Tower (Wii) Review

Pandora’s Tower (Wii) Review

Following the release of The Last Story and Xenoblade, the third and final long awaited JRPG is finally out in the US. With some big shoes to fill, Pandora’s Tower promises a heart-warming story but also includes solid action... Read More »

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Lightning Returns Coliseum

Coliseum Will Be In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The Coliseum feature that was previously included in Final Fantasy XIII-2 will also be in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was well. Speaking with French website Final Fantasy Dream, Lightning Returns’ producer Yoshinori Kitase said the Coliseum will return... Read More »

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