grand theft auto v new screenshot

E3 2013: New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots Released

As you may have seen during Sony’s presentation at E3, there will be a special Grand Theft Auto V PS3 bundle that comes with a special headset. Rockstar has now released new screenshots from the game to celebrate the... Read More »

final fantasy xv gameplay

E3 2013: Awesome Battle Gameplay Trailer For Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix has now revealed a new gameplay video for Final Fantasy XV. It’s shows more of what battle sequences look like. Here’s a description of what is going on as written by Square Enix: “The armed forces of... Read More »

dark souls ii screenshot

E3 2013: Dark Souls II will be harder than Dark Souls

In a presentation from Namco behind closed doors for Dark Souls II, the Director of Localization revealed several interesting information about the game. This also includes the game’s difficulty. Players who are worried on the shift of Dark Souls... Read More »

ps4 online pass gone

E3 2013: Sony Abolishing Online Pass For Its Own Games On PS4

When EA introduced online passes back in 2010, lots of other gaming publishers followed suit including Sony. With PS4 games, it sounds like online passes for first party games is a thing of the past. Kotaku interviewed Sony CEO... Read More »

bayonetta 2 trailer

E3 2013: Nintendo Reveals New Bayonetta 2 Trailer

During Nintendo’s E3 stream, the company shared a new trailer for Bayonetta 2. Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive coming out sometime in 2014. The game still packs the fast paced style of that developer Platinum Games is... Read More »


E3 2013: Sony President Confirms PS4’s Hard Drive Is Upgradable

Sony has more good news for those looking forward to the PS4. The hard drive can be replaced and upgraded. Sony President Shuhei Yoshida tweeted: “And yes, PS4’s HDD is upgradable like PS3 Read More »

ps4 console 500gb hard drive

E3 2013: PS4 Console Comes With 500GB Hard Drive

Much like the Xbox One, the PS4 console will come shipped with 500GB worth of hard drive space. Not only do you get a PS4 with the 500GB hard drive, it will also come with a DUALSHOCK 4 controller,... Read More »

ps4 console real

E3 2013: The PS4 Is Region Free

According to a tweet from gaming journalist Brad Douglas, Sony has confirmed that the PS4 is region free. Here’s what he tweeted: “SCEI PR tells me “no region locking”. This is good news since the PS3 and PS Vita... Read More »

elder scrolls online ps4

E3 2013: Elder Scrolls Online announced for PS4, Coming this Spring

One of the surprises Sony unveiled tonight during their annual E3 conference is the Elder Scrolls Online coming to the PS4. Set to release in Spring 2014, PlayStation 4 owners will finally be able to save Tamriel from the... Read More »

ps4 needs playstation plus

E3 2013: PlayStation Plus Required For Online PS4 Play

Sony has announced that the PS4 will require you to have a PlayStation Plus subscription to play multiplayer. This is similar to what Microsoft already does with its Xbox LIVE Gold membership. Still PS4 owners will have the chance... Read More »

ps4 price

E3 2013: PS4 Is Cheaper Than Xbox One

Sony is proud to announce the official price of the PS4. In USA, the console will be $100 cheaper than Microsoft’s Xbox One console. They did not announce different models for the PS4, but the main console will cost... Read More »

nba 2k14

E3 2013: New NBA 2K14 Trailer Shows The Game on PS4

2K Sports has uploaded a new trailer for NBA 2K14. This trailer has a look at what the game looks like on the PS4. Cover stars LeBron James talks to “Video Game James” in your first look at NBA... Read More »

PS4 pic

E3 2013: PS4 Supports Used Games And Offline Play

Sony has pretty much confirmed confirmed news that gamers have been longing for forever. The PS4 will not be as anti-consumer as the Xbox One. Sony US President Jack Tretton proudly announced the following details about the PS4: -No... Read More »

final fantasy xv ps4

E3 2013: Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Final Fantasy XV On PS4

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is no more. Well the game is still being developed, but it has a new name and it’s Final Fantasy XV. It’s been 7 years since the game was first announced so it’s good to... Read More »

ps4 logo

E3 2013: 20 First Party Games To Arrive On PS4 In First Year

Sony has announced blockbuster news that 20 first party PS4 games will be released in the first year it goes on sale. Although 20 games will be released for the PS4, 12 of them will be completely new IPs.... Read More »

ps vita

E3 2013: 85 New Titles To Come for PS Vita

Sony has announced that support for the PS Vita is still going strong. In the upcoming year, gamers can expect to see up to 85 new games for the system. A list of games coming for PS Vita owners... Read More »

the crew ubisoft

E3 2013: Ubisoft Announces Next-Gen Driving Game Called The Crew

Ubisoft has announced an all-new driving game called The Crew at E3 2013. Ubisoft showed a lengthy trailer plus some gameplay footage from the game. The Crew will feature a large world that includes most areas of the USA.... Read More »

need for speed movie

E3 2013: First Look of The Need for Speed Movie

During EA’s press conference, we got a first glimpse of the Need for Speed movie now in production. Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) is the main star of the film and came up on stage to announce he will be... Read More »

xbox one console

E3 2013: Pre-Orders For the Xbox One at Gamestop

Everyone that loves to make sure they get their hands on next gen consoles, Gamestop has announced they are taking pre-orders for the Xbox One. With a minimum deposit of 100 dollars the new Xbox will be saved just... Read More »

arkham origins trailer

E3 2013: Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay Trailer

Warner Bros. has now shared the first gameplay footage from the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Origins. Batman: Arkham Origins features a young Bruce Wayne as he fights baddies such as Deathstroke, Black Mask, Bane and even The Joker. The... Read More »

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