Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII story

Check Out A Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Music Video

Square Enix has now shared what could be the main theme song for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The company released a video looking behind the scenes of the orchestra playing a theme from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.... Read More »

xbox one gamefly

Family Sharing Plan Could Return For Xbox One

When Microsoft reversed its online DRM for Xbox One, many people celebrated this move. However some people missed the family sharing feature. There is a chance it might come back. In an interview with IGN, Microsoft’s Marc Whitten talks... Read More »

grand theft auto v vs grand theft auto iv

Grand Theft Auto V Righting The Wrongs Of Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV was fun at the time, but it seemed like the series was going backwards instead of forwards. It appears Rockstar is making Grand Theft Auto V bigger and better than any other previous game in... Read More »

caius ballad lightning returns

Caius Ballad To Return In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Square Enix has revealed a bit of new information about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. This includes the return of a certain villain. In an interview with PlayStation EU, Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinori Kitase revealed new details about Lightning... Read More »

gran turismo 6 free track

Sony Announces A New Track In Gran Turismo 6

Sony has announced a new track that will be featured in Gran Turismo 6 called Goodwood Hill Climb. The track is part of Britain’s Festival of Speed and it’s the first time this track will be featured in a... Read More »

Rumor: Steam Summer Sale Kicking Off Tomorrow

Rumor: Steam Summer Sale Kicking Off Tomorrow

PC gamers have been eagerly anticipating Steam’s annual summer sale. It seems that they, myself included, can’t wait to throw their money at a bundle of incredibly low priced titles. We may finally have a date thanks to a... Read More »

rambo the video game sylvester stallone screenshot

Rambo: The Video Game Sheds Blood in Reveal Trailer

You may recall that a Rambo video game is in the works. News on the game has been inconsistent, to say the least. That changed today when we received the reveal trailer for Rambo: The Video Game (what a... Read More »

pax australia ubisoft

Ubisoft Reveals Huge Lineup For PAX Australia

Ubisoft has announced the lineup of games that you will be seeing at PAX Australia. This is the first ever PAX event to be held outside of the USA and it promises to be a huge event. PAX Australia... Read More »

wwe 2k14 teaser

2K Games Teases New Wrestler For WWE 2K14

The official WWE 2K Facebook page has teased the appearance of an all-new wrestler in WWE 2K14. Here’s what they announced: First appearance in franchise history. ‎#BecomeImmortal ‎#WWE2K14 As you can see from the image above, all it shows... Read More »

Time and Eternity (PS3) Review

Time and Eternity (PS3) Review

Coming fresh from the catalog of NIS America role-playing games comes a new title by the way of ImageEpoch (creators of the Black Rock Shooter RPG for PlayStation Portable). Time and Eternity aims to edge itself as the first... Read More »

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Grand Theft Auto V

‘GTA V’ Gameplay Video Set to Steal Our Attention Tomorrow

Rockstar has announced that a brand new gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V is coming tomorrow. More specifically, it will be present on GTA V‘s official webpage at 10 AM Easter Time. We’ll be bringing you any new... Read More »

The Wonderful 101 Won’t See Any Add-On Content

The Wonderful 101 Won’t See Any Add-On Content

Platinum Games has gone on record stating that they believe that their Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101 doesn’t need DLC. This bold statement comes straight from project lead Hideki Kamiya’s Twitter, where he said the following: We put... Read More »

dead rising 3

Rumor: Dead Rising 3 Sees the Return of Old Friends

A reliable tipster has informed Siliconera that familiar faces will be returning to Dead Rising 3. What makes him reliable? Well, he revealed that the game would be set in California and the protagonist would be an auto mechanic... Read More »

call of duty: ghosts co-op

Call of Duty: Ghosts To Have Some Sort Of Co-Op Mode

Community Coordinator for Infinity Ward Candice Capen has confirmed there will be some sort of co-op mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Capen announced the following on twitter by answering a fan’s question on the topic: We’ll have a... Read More »

keyboard and mouse for battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 Might Have Keyboard And Mouse Controls For PS4

When it comes to FPS games, a keyboard and mouse is the most preferred way for gamers to play them. DICE may consider this control setup on the PS4 for Battlefield 4. Video game website AusGamers had a chance... Read More »

‘GTA V’ publisher Take Two and Valve to attend Gamescom

‘GTA V’ publisher Take Two and Valve to attend Gamescom

With Gamescom just around the corner, many are excited as to what kind of stuff we will see this year. For those who are attending, we know that Sony will most likely unveil the release date of the PlayStation... Read More »

playstation tv sony

Sony Files “PlayStation TV” Trademark Again

Sony filed a “PlayStation TV” trademark back in 2006. The product in question never came out, but Sony has filed to trademark the name once again. The “PlayStation TV” mark was Sony’s back in September 2006, but was left... Read More »

nintendo wii u miyamoto

Nintendo Underestimated HD Development For Wii U Games

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has admitted during a Q&A session with shareholders that development for HD games on Wii U was difficult. The original Wii did not have HD capabilities and making games for the system was easy and inexpensive.... Read More »

wwe 2k14 screenshot ryback

What You Should Expect From WWE 2K14 This Year

WWE 2K14 is yet another wrestling game that will please the “millions and millions” of WWE fans around the world. Here’s what you should expect from the game when it is out later this year. Same Graphics It has... Read More »

The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC Review

The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC Review

Telltale took us on a wild ride last year through the months of April and November. I speak, of course, about The Walking Dead episodic releases that ended over several months ago, yet they have still stuck with most... Read More »

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