Wartile Second Adventure Pack Update Launches Tomorrow

Playwood Project has just announced that they will be releasing a major content update tomorrow in the form of Adventure Pack 0.6, for Wartile.

This is the second major update which includes both new features and enhancements for the turn based models game. Content in this new patch will include a new Dark Forest Battleboard to play on and the title’s second female warrior. This warrior will go by the name of Völva and is a female Shaman whom harnesses mysterious natural powers.

Michael Rud Jakobsen, Founder and Creative Director of Playwood Project, had this to say alongside the announcement:

“This latest update and content package adds more player assets and further refines the overall player experience as we work towards final release. This new adventure pack introduces a new battleboard, The Dark Forest – a dark and mysterious place steeped in Viking mythology. We’ve also added a merchant store for players to trade their in-game looted items and have added new weapons and armor as well”.

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