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Good: Charming characters, endearing story, almost too much to explore, high difficulty
Bad: Progression can be confusing, boss battles can be intense, some attacks/enemies are cheap
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With so many games out there, it’s hard to have a new or unique concept. Some games try to offer their own spin on a genre in hopes it makes them stand out, where as others merge two genres in hopes of a stand out experience. Rabi-Ribi does the latter. By combining the metroidvania genre with bullet hell elements, it makes for a different experience, but is that enough to make it stand out or it something players should avoid like bullets in a bullet hell game?

Rabi-Ribi starts with Erina waking up to find herself in a weird place and has transformed from a rabbit to a girl with rabbit ears and tail. Upon learning of this, Erina wants nothing more than to find her master and figure out what is going on. While the journey to find her master is short, the mystery of why rabbits are so rare, the mysterious other location and more drive the story in a cute direction.

The point isn’t to answer questions or advance some overarching plot, but to make friends and bring peace to the new world. This results in making friends with all the staple characters, like an immortal princess, underwater pop star and a digital maid of sorts. This weird cast of characters makes the adventures interesting, as it’s hard to gauge where exactly the story is going. Sometimes it’s a pyramid, other times the digital world and even an underground cave with gem monsters appears.

Throughout all the worlds, Rabi-Ribi remains true to its metroidvania roots. Be it the first area or the last one, players will constantly encounter paths, collectibles and more that are not currently accessible. What makes Rabi-Ribi stand out is many of these paths are more than meet the eye.

One of the first abilities Erina gains is the ability to slide, which opens up a whole host of new locations to explore. At first these new locations look to be a shortcut to previously explored areas or missing collectibles, but every now and then they open up completely new locations.

Several times, after thinking I saw everything a location had to offer, I’d double jump or slide down a path and find a new world to explore or pathway to explore. This is nice for those who like to explore, as it gives them plenty to look forward to. Those uninterested in such things will still have plenty to see, though the experience won’t be quite as fulfilling.

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