The Elder Scrolls Online – Horns of the Reach Review

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Good: Something for lower skilled/newcomers, New motifs/armor sets, new enemies offer a thrilling change of pace
Bad: Not as memorable as previous DLC dungeons, falls short of Shadow of the Hist, Falkreath Hold is very short
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Morrowind added a lot of great things to The Elder Scrolls Online.  In addition to the iconic location, a variety of quests, delves, public dungeons and even a trial were added, but group dungeons were left out. Horns of the Reach corrects this by adding two new dungeons for players to explore.

Like Shadows of the Hist, Horns of the Reach adds two dungeons, but it goes about it differently from previous expansions. Instead of adding top-tier dungeons like White-Gold Tower or Ruins of Mazzatun, one of the dungeons is short and designed with casual players in mind, with the other being a bit rougher.

The easier of the two dungeons is Falkreath Hold. With a modest number of bosses and mechanics, it’s a low tier dungeon that gives newcomers something to be excited for. The hardest mechanics in this dungeon is using a synergy over dead bodies or moving to stand in a certain location. They can be tricky for newcomers, but easy to manage if you don’t get it.

All of the bosses feature similarly easy mechanics. Most can be toppled with a stack and burn, with the normal version being so easy most of the mechanics can be ignored without issue, outside of spending in specific locations. This makes them a pleasure to play with newcomers and veterans alike, as it’s accessible. This is different than, say, White-Gold Tower, which was hard, even on normal, if people didn’t know what they were doing.

On the harder side there is Bloodroot Forge, a more mechanically driven and exciting dungeon. Here players need to overcome lava, some brutal minotaurs and much more. What makes this place scary is, even on normal, it’s pretty easy to lose. While the mechanics don’t need to be followed to the letter, without some basic understanding of what needs to be done, players will fail.

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The Elder Scrolls Online - Horns of the Reach Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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