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Good: Better story than previous entries, Public events improved, Raid is really interesting, guided Game is a neat concept
Bad: Ending hurts the story, Many elements become pointless, Progression gates kill motivation to play, Post game choices might make guided games unsuccessful, World quickly feels empty
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Destiny’s biggest problem has and will always be its popularity. With millions of fans, various perspectives and a wide range of skill level, expectations and more, it simply isn’t possible to make a game everyone loves. This is a big motivator to many of the changes in Destiny 2, be it PVP balance, loot, clan implementation and countless more things. Some of these changes have been positive, like the new Titan and Warlock abilities, where as others have not, including the Hunter’s ability. With so many changes, is it enough to make Destiny 2 live up to its perceived Destiny or did Bungie strike out again?

Destiny 2 starts by trying to improve the story. Following a Cabal invasion, where the Vanguard loses to the fearsome Red Legion, the story tries to explore what it means to live in a world without light. It’s the type of story that would work in any medium besides gaming. To fully explore the concept, players would need to finish the story before they could enjoy the things that players enjoyed about Destiny and wouldn’t be fun. Instead, your guardian finds their ghost and with it some light, which essentially means the only people without light are the three Vanguards and other NPCs. This changes the story to being more of a character study.

Zavala, Cayde-6 and Ikora deal with the loss in their own way. A good portion of the story focuses on what that means for them, like Ikora is now afraid, leading to them coming together for a final showdown. On the other end, Dominus Ghaul is also explored. His story is far from unfamiliar, though that doesn’t stop him from being one of the series better villains. What holds the story back is the conclusion.

Nothing about the ending feels like our presence is needed. It’s somewhat clear that if we didn’t fight Ghaul humanity might’ve been wiped out, though with or without humanity, Ghaul’s fate was likely sealed, making for an underwhelming end to the adventure.

In addition to story, Destiny 2 has several locations to explore, things to find, adventures to complete and more to do. Despite having four locations to patrol, the world feels significantly more interesting. Not only are the locations larger, there is plenty to see, with hidden rooms, varied designs and notable designs. This can make exploration a lot more fun, especially with improved public events and adventures.

For the most part, public events are the same as they were in the original. Go to a location, fight or defend something and then get some loot. Now these locations are on the map, along with a timer so you know how long to wait, in addition to having mechanics. When certain tasks are completed during a public event, it will increase to heroic with something new to do. It makes roaming around a lot of fun, especially if people join in. Adventures are also quite enjoyable, albeit a bit on the long side, and they’re essentially a non-story mission that takes place in the overworld.

While players are doing that, there are lost sectors to explore and caches to discover. Both of these things are on the map, making it easy to find every cache, with lost sectors having bosses to defeat. None of these are hard to find, outside of one on Io. Lost sectors find most of their charm in adding a lot to explore or having a unique layout, which makes them stand out. Be it the one with the Fallen flag waving or just something crazy with the vex.

For those looking for higher tier content, strikes continue to be a lot of fun. Strikes are similar to the later ones in Destiny, meaning they’re more mechanically driven and have their own elements to overcome. They also take place in new areas of existing places, making the worlds feel much larger than before. Think of what raids have done and just apply that to a strike. Unfortunately, there aren’t a ton, but still a fun prep for the raid.

Like previous releases, Destiny 2 shrines brightest during the raid. This time it’s more mechanically driven, with the focus moved away from large bosses. What stands out is how everyone has a role, but said role can be decided in advance and gets everyone involved.

After the first section, which is about cycling things, players need to be led through mist to gain a buff that allows them to kill these large beasts. It’s tricky at first, but there are tricks to make it easier. After that is another section that boils down to listening to teammates, followed by the final boss fight where there is plenty to see. It also adds some interesting story elements, some that may or may not be important in the future, making them a must for anyone looking to see and do it all.

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Destiny 2 Review, 7.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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