Call of Duty 2018 Could Have A Modern Setting Based On Treyarch Job Listing

Call of Duty 2018 could have a modern day setting based on some clues given from a job description that Treyarch has posted recently. It may not have a past setting like this year’s game.

Treyarch posted a job vacancy for a Systems Designer (Combat). The listing gives us evidence that next year’s game will be based in the modern era. Details have been posted down below.

  • Combat design experience on a AAA competitive shooter. 
  • Previous design experience owning entire categories of gameplay content both at the moment to moment and systems level.
  • Deep knowledge base of firearms and modern military technology.
  • Prestige 1 or above in Black Ops 3 Multiplayer.

Does this mean we are getting Black Ops 4? Hard to say but it does suggest we won’t see a Vietnam setting anytime soon.

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