Undertale – Dognation Trophy Guide

Undertale is basically every trophy hunters dream. Not only can it be done in roughly three hours, several trophies are story related and even then you don’t need to actually finish to platinum. Even though a good number of trophies come from story progression, 15 of them are linked to the dog shrine. Since it’s somewhat well hidden, this guide will show you the location and how to get it.

To find the dog shrine you need to first complete Showdin. At the end you’ll fight Papyrus, whom you can either kill or date. Depending on what you do will impact the location of the dog shrine. Choosing to date Papyrus will grant entry to his house, where the shrine will be located in his kitchen behind the sink. Reports indicate that killing him will result in the shrine appearing in the garbage area, which is found a little further ahead. Please note, I can’t confirm it’s possible to find the shrine after killing him, so if you want to ensure you get the trophy, go on the date.

As for the trophy itself, players need to donate a total of 350 coins to the shrine. However, this must be done one coin at a time, with players having to exit and reenter the area after filling the box. If you push circle and X fast enough it takes around 10 minutes to donate all 350 coins. After doing that you’ll receive 15 trophies and the remaining tasks, outside of potentially finding items, are story related.

Video Guide

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