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Good: Amazing music, Splendid visuals, Good length for the price, Simple, Fast paced fun
Bad: Leans a little hard on nostalgia, Some levels drag on a bit too long
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Nostalgia is big right now. Almost everything, from tv series to cartoons to even games are trying to capture that spark that made this or that great. Some, like Twin Peaks the Return or Samurai Jack accomplished this, but the same can’t be said for games. Yooka-Laylee tried to recreate a 3D platformer from the Nintendo 64 days and it was disliked for precisely that reason. Thankfully, some games, like Sonic the Hedgehog, have a more timeless style, which is what made Sonic Mania so exciting. Not only did it look like a step in the right direction, it was reminiscent of Sonic’s glory days. With sprits, returning to many beloved areas and more, is Sonic Mania the best Sonic game this decade or does it rely on nostalgia too much?

Like the original games, there isn’t much of a story to Sonic Mania. Eggman and some robots find a chaos emerald and Sonic or Knuckles, needs to put a stop to him. This takes place across 12 different worlds, with several bosses, both new and old. Naturally, those who collect all the chaos emeralds will unlock the true ending and put a stop to Eggmans plan.

What makes Sonic Mania so interesting is that it seems to understand what made Sonic great in the first place. It wasn’t just fast gameplay and smooth moves, but vibrant worlds and memorable music, both of which Sonic Mania has.

Fans of the franchise will have a blast playing through Sonic Mania, as it’s fully with beloved locations, complete with their catchy tunes, and new twists on old favorites. What Sonic Mania managed to do is the same thing that made Spelunker HD so great. Since the levels are so faithful to the original, they feel like they were taken from the past.

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