Limited Edition Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation 4 Console Releasing This Oct

Sony has uncovered the blanket so to speak to reveal the Limited Edition Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation 4 console. It’s a nice looking silver console that is available for a limited time.

The PlayStation Blog mentions the Limited Edition Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation 4 console will be available on October 18th in the UK, Europe and Australasia. Unfortunately, there was no mention about the North American territory at the moment.

You get a 1TB PS4 console that is silver and blazoned with the GT logo. You also get a silver DUALSHOCK 4 controller that also sports the GT logo on the touch pad. You have to check for local retailers to see how much it is.

Also included in this limited edition is the Day 1 edition of the game. This includes: “access to $250,000 in-game credits, livery sticker packs, a chrome racing helmet and 60 PS4 avatars.”

There are also standard PS4 bundles that come with a Blu-ray disc of GT Sport. These bundles are listed: Jet Black PS4 1 TB edition, Jet Black PS4 500GB edition, Jet Black PS4 1TB + extra Jet Black DUALSHOCK 4 edition and Jet Black PS4 Pro edition.

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