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Good: Simple fun, Plenty to see, Customization, Crossover feels organic
Bad: No English voice acting, Flying mechanics could be better, Directions are sometimes confusing
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Accel World VS Sword Art Online is an interesting title. Despite sounding like a fighting game, it’s actually an action RPG, similar to previous Sword Art Online titles. Since the two worlds are similar, the crossover actually makes some level of sense. Both involve video games and crazy mechanics, so the similarities allow for a fairly seamless transition. With crossovers tends to be more fan service than anything else, is Accel World VS Sword Art Online worth investing in or is it yet another lame crossover?

Like all crossovers, Accel World VS Sword Art Online’s story exists to justify the two worlds coming together. The basic gist is a portal allows players from the future to travel to the past and appear in Alfheim Online. Together the two groups need to stop an evil from a more distant future from destroying Yui.

It isn’t much of a story, but it does a decent job approaching the tired subject. It doesn’t take long for the two groups to come together and after some quick explanations, like how the system adapted elements of Accel World to ALfheim Online, it isn’t far from what you’d expect from Sword Art Online. Kirito leads a team to defeat an evil force.

Similar to the story, Accel World VS Sword Art Online plays a lot like Sword Art Online: Lost Song. Every character has a normal and heavy attack, plus a number of magical abilities. Attacks vary depending on the weapon and include sword, twin swords, spear, bow and more. Magic includes dashing attacks, whirlwind moves, healing and other standard RPG fare.

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