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Tekken 7 is the brand new instalment of the world famous fighting franchise from Bandai Namco Entertainment. Full of a roster of characters ready to fight, arcade modes and a story ready to be beaten, Tekken 7 shapes up to offer one hell of a great experience. However, the game has taken a long time to be released since originally hitting select Japan arcades back in 2015! Should it have been left in Japan or has Tekken reclaimed the fighting genre crown for the series? Let’s find out!

The first thing to strike players when playing Tekken 7 is amazingly not a fist. In fact, it is that visually the game is nothing short of damn right stunning! From the sharper character models, to the clean animations all the way through to the crazy variety of locations and environments. Graphics should never sell a game completely but it is one of the main ways that Tekken 7 improves upon the last Tekken iteration. Notably the cut scenes are nothing short of CGI movie quality. Say what you like about a fighting game having a storyline but the cut scenes alone make it a worthwhile investment of your time.

Fear not, no plot related spoilers will follow but let’s discuss the story. Surprisingly, and maybe because of the quality of the cut scenes, the story does manage to get across the mild emotional elements of the otherwise over-the-top story. Tekken 7 is a fighting game at the end of the day, it needs a slightly daft nature to it, to be believable. Told from the viewpoint of an outsider, a journalist, players will get to see some loose ends tied up, from the on-going and world devastating Mishima saga. The cut scenes flow nicely and directly into the combat. By making it a fluid change from cut scene to fight the lines become blurred engrossing the players more into the story. It won’t be winning any awards for the writing but it does a good enough job to warrant a playthrough by veterans of the series and new players alike.

Those new to the game will be stepped into the game by the storyline, which offers some tips along the way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t delve overly deeply into the controls of impressive moves or combos. It does mean that players are not constantly fighting like in the arcade mode, being thrown straight into the deep end of fight, after fight, after fight. Some players may benefit from being thrown head first into arcade, others may wish to button mash between cut scenes in the storyline until they are more confident. Either way a more structured tutorial should have been included, it would certainly benefit new player.

Don’t worry if this is your first venture into the iconic Tekken franchise. Despite not having a formal tutorial the controls are simple to pick up but hard to master. This allows anyone to get some level of enjoyment from the game. You can even catch up with the story as the cut scenes from all previous Tekken titles are available, via spending the in-game currency that player earn by fighting. Missed out on the previous games or just want to refresh your memory and Tekken 7 has you covered. New players could completely ignore them and still get enjoyment from the storyline, but they are there in case you want to give characters a backstory. A backstory which gives special meaning to select fights.

The roster of Tekken 7 is a great size. It is small enough so that players are able to learn and remember the slight differences and some special button combos for most characters. It does this while enabling a large amount of variation from one fight to the next. For a Tekken novice like myself, you may find it easier to stick to the same core group of characters, learning their move sets in more detail. The roster size also means that when playing arcade mode the chances of seeing the same characters match after match is extremely rare. Personally, my favorite new addition is Bandai Namco’s take on an anime cosplayer in the form of Lucky Chloe. She offers something different visually to fights with her dance style. I’m sure Bandai Namco will add to the roster via future DLC but the base roster is plentiful for the fighting action we have come to love the series for.

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