E3 2017: Hunting Simulator Walks the Line Between Realistic and Fun

Part of what makes games fun, is that they’re not realistic. Simulators try to be more realistic, but it’s a battle filled with compromise. In the case of Hunting Simulator, it tries to be as realistic as possible, but never at the cost of enjoyment.

Hunting Simulator features a number of levels, each with their own unique elements and animals. This means you’ll need gear that matches that habitat, be it a rifle that specializes in shooting rabbits or perhaps a duck call. Utilizing these mechanics will make the hunt easier, but not required. Finally, select a mission, these are typically requests like shoot a fox or three ducks and load the level.

To be successful in Hunting Simulator, you need to be aware of your surroundings, much like a real hunter. For instance, if the wind if blowing one direction, it will make your scent more noticeable downwind and less upwind. Another is looking for clues, such as leavings, tracks, blood or other indicators. These will tell you where the animal is heading or information about your prey, allowing you to easily find them.

Since Hunting Simulator is a game, those who plan ahead will be successful, where as rushing will lead to disappointment. It’s better to take the cautious, slow, well hidden route, than to randomly run around hoping for the best.

That being said, Hunting Simulator will take some practice to excel at. During the five to 10 minute long presentation, no animal was killed, digital or otherwise, illustrating the realistic elements. Even if animals are easy to find or finding them is a simple process, it will take some time to master the skills needed to be successful.

Those who do will receive scores based off where and how they kill animals, which will be recorded and uploaded online. There you can try to improve your best or take the top score for yourself.

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