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Good: Plenty of depth, both sides have objectives, good difficulty balance
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Practically every developer wants to release an innovative product, yet very few do. This is because two things need to happen. The first is an original idea and the other is that it needs to be good. As we saw with The Caligula Effect, the thing that made it special is also what turned many people off. Dead by Daylight takes a stab at offering something different, in the asymmetrical competitive/cooperative multiplayer genre. With so many console gamers enjoying Friday the 13th, is Dead by Daylight worth looking into or is relatively the same.

There isn’t much of a story in Dead by Daylight. There are various monsters that want to sacrifice mortals to a force called The Entity, so you and your team need to escape before that happens. Characters also have backstories, but the story is essentially there to explain why the survivors need to escape from the killer and what is going on.

Both sides have an objective in Dead by Daylight. Survivors need to run around and power five generators. This is a long process, filled with QTEs called skill checks, that must be completed to power the two exits. Upon reaching the gate, you need to wait a bit to open the gate and run through the door to escape. While the survivors are doing this, the killer needs to locate the survivors, catch them and place them on a hook. If no one rescues you or you don’t get lucky enough to escape, you’ll be sacrificed and lose. Even though Dead by Daylight seems pretty straightforward, it’s actually pretty deep.

Both sides are given a number of tools to aid them in accomplishing their goals. For instance, killers can always see broken generators and survivors heart rate increases in relation to killer proximity. In addition to that, there are a lot of subtle things that can make a huge difference.

Survivors make tracks that the killer can see for a brief period when they run, there are a lot of noises that can give away your position, failing the repair QTE alerts the killer, items/skills can give you and edge and more. What’s great is these things, when used correctly, can actually turn the tables.

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